How to Love Writing

Many people want to know the magic secrets of “writing”, even more people are giving their advice on “writing “. There is also the third group which exceeds the previous two twice as much – it unites those who hate writing and avoid doing it. There is hardly a chance that they will read this article, but I do believe in miracles. So first of all I am addressing my words to them and everyone else is also welcome to reflect on the role of writing.

Most people really do underestimate the significance of writing in our lives. Writing does not merely convey some ideas; in fact these ideas are the products of writing. If writing never appealed to you and you never liked it that much, you will never perceive the ideas generated in writing. My idea about writing is that you should write well or not to write at all. What’s the use of it? Anyway the readers won’t get your idea. And you will just waste your time and effort to write it, and reader’s time and effort to understand your confused ideas. If you are ready to take pains and learn how to write well, here is the first option. Write the first draft very quickly, do not think too much on word choice and sentence patterns, and just follow your “stream of consciousness”. The next stages of your writing will involve refining this rough diamond. Rewrite it, do away with all the empty and unnecessary words, and keep a dialogue with the reader through your writing.

You can try imitating writers you admire, but be reasonable and do not overdo it. If you stumble in the beginning of your text, try the following: write what comes to your mind, do not attribute too much importance to the opening sentences. An interesting fact: 80% of original ideas will appear as you are progressing in your essay. Once you write the last word of your story you will be able and edit the ugly beginning. Respect your audience and write something that can be of real use to them, write with a clear purpose. Allocate enough time to go through your creation and look for possible weak points: spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, and misused words. Leave your writing in a peaceful safe place for a day or two and have a rest (you’ve deserved it). Then return to it, read it and if you like it –it is the first sign you have done a good job.