How To Lose Eight Pounds Per Month

There are several popular diets for quick weight loss out there that may or may not work in helping you acieve your goal of losing a few pounds quickly, however, the American Heart Association and just about every doctor, nutritionist and fitness experts has said that some these types of “quick fix” fad diets are not only bad for you, but also potentially dangerous and do nothing to really help you in the long run term. It’s kind of like those “Payday Loan” places in a way. You know, you go in and get a loan until payday and everything seems great at the time, but then on payday you not only have to pay back what you borrowed, but you also must pay back a huge amount of fees. With these diets for quick weight loss the initial response that you get is when you get the loan, but the interest you must pay back could be gaining back even more weight than what you lost initially or suffering long term health issues from it.

Let’s face it folks. There is no such thing as a “magic diet pill” that is healthy. Do you really want to risk your health in order to lose weight? Look at what happened recently to Anna Nicole Smith. The jury is still out on how she could have possibly lost all of that weight by using TrimSpa, a product that has now been scientifically proven NOT to work. The poor girl is gone, whether it was from what she was putting in her body or not, who knows, but I know that I personally have a family that loves me and I would never endanger myself in any manner just to lose a few quick pounds.

When are people going to get it through their heads that it takes time to gain weight, therefore, it takes time to lose weight. The only way that a person can lose weight is by burning off more calories than what they’re taking in. The only healthy way to do this is by eating healthy foods, but monitor your calorie intake and start a regular exercise routine and stick to it.The weight will gradually come off, the same way that it gradually came on. You can expect to lose a pound or two per week, so if you need to lose twenty pounds you can expect it to take around three months, but you’ll be doing it the healthy way. You’ll not only lose the weight, but you’ll also increase your muscle tone, increase your strength, improve your mental outlook, increase your metabolism, build your confidence and feel like a million bucks. For goodness sakes, stay away from those diets for quick weight loss. Swallow your laziness and get with a real diet program, the healthy way!