How to Lose 100 Calories a Day

Copyright 2006 Adam Waxler

Did you know that the difference between weight gain and weight loss can be as little as 100 calories per day?

Most people who are searching for weight loss solutions suffer from what is called weight creep. Weight creep refers to those nagging pounds that creep up on you over the years. Most Americans who are overweight put on an average of about 2 pounds per year. While 2 pounds may not sound that significant, think about the fact that 2 pounds per years works out to 20 pounds in ten years and 40 pounds in 20 years. Can any of us really afford to weigh 40 pounds more than we do now?

The good news is that two pounds per year is actually fairly easy to avoid. Like I stated earlier, the difference between weight loss and weight gain can be as little as 100 calories a day. That’s right, if you are looking to lose weight, or rather avoid any more weight gain, the difference could be as simple as cutting out 100 calories a day from your daily diet.

Let’s take a look and see how easy it is to cut out 100 calories per day from your daily diet… 

1.  If you drink your coffee with whole milk, you can save 100 calories a day by drinking two cups with skim milk instead.

2. One 16 ounce Coke is 250 calories. Cut out one Coke a day and you’ll be cutting out two and a half times the suggested calorie reduction.

3. By substituting a plain donut for a jelly donut you’ll cut out 120 calories. Think you’re doing better by choosing the lighter croissant? Think again. A croissant has as many calories as a jelly donut – 289 calories.

4. Salads are a great part of any diet, but often the salad dressing is not. One packet of French dressing has 160 calories.

5. Drink less beer. You don’t have to go on the wagon, but know that each 12 oz beer, even a light beer, averages 100 calories.

6. You can also add exercise to your daily routine to speed up your metabolism, burn more calories and lose weight.  Here’s a few activities to burn 100 calories.

* Swimming energetically for just 15 minutes will burn 100 calories.
* An hour of housework can burn as much as 100 calories.
* Only have ten minutes? Jump rope. At 700 calories per hour, you can burn up 100 calories in just 10 minutes!
* Go for a 10 minute brisk walk. Power walking burns 600 calories an hour. You can burn 100 in ten minutes
* Play a round of golf at the club. Half an hour of golfing – without a golf cart – burns 120 calories.

Remember, this is about how to avoid weight creep. The best way to avoid weight creep is by simply cutting out 100 calories per day from your daily diet. The great thing about all of the above weight loss suggestions is that you can easily add any of them to your daily routine. Remember, just 100 calories can be the difference between weight gain and weight loss.