How To Live With Autism – Some Great Measures To Cope Up With Autism

Autism can be defined as a brain development disorder. The disorder tends to impair social interaction & communication of the individual. It also causes restricted & repetitive behavior. Unfortunately, the disorder traits starts even before the child is three years old. The disease can be categorized in to two parts namely Autism & Asperger syndrome (milder spectrum disorder). Experts feel that Autism is transmitted as a hereditary disease.

Here are some of the most common problems faced by children with Autism.

a) Difficulty in using a language socially

Children with Autism find it really difficult to use a language socially. They take everything literally & cannot deal with slang & jokes.

b) Trouble in social understanding

A child suffering from classical autism is unable to grasp any kind of social interaction & often try to stay aloof. They also suffer from withdrawal symptoms. The child tries his best to understand. However, most of the time, their “social naiveté” results in some misunderstandings & they tend to become unpopular among their peers.

c) Difficulty in creating imaginations

Everywhere tries to see the world through imagination. Children with autism find it really difficult to imagine. They struggle hard to make out what can happen next. They are also unable to cope with novel situations by considering their experiences in the past. They are dependant on routines that may get elevated to rituals & requires to be followed with smallest detail.

Living with Autism can involve a lot of stress for the individual as well as the family members. There is no cure for this disorder. The treatment provided varies from one person to another. One requires to practice a lot of patience & consistency in order to live with autism & enjoy life.

You would require a professional & well trained health care team that includes either a psychiatrist or a developmental pediatrician & a school implemented Individualized Education Program (IEP) & ITP (Individualized Transition Plan) to live with Autism.

Here are some important steps to follow when living with Autism.

Step 1: You need to address the stress that can most probably occur when providing care for a child with Autism. Make sure that you share responsibility & let everyone in the house gets time for themselves.

Step 2: Explore and exploit all resources that can help you to provide care to an autistic individual. Visit a professional, hit websites & talk to people who have been dealing with this disorder.

Step 3: Pay a good amount of attention to keep safety in & around the home. You need to take some extra precautions if you have toddlers at home. Put childproof locks on doors & cabinets, place gates in front of staircases & cover electric outlets.

Step 4: Teach the siblings not to feel frustrated or embarrassed about their autistic sibling.

Step 5: It is important to plan for the future of the child with autism. You need to enroll him in an IEP. This program will help him receive behavioral & occupation therapy that will prepare him for his future. Thereafter you would require to put him through an ITP.

It is easy to live with Autism if you understand the disorder & cope up with the child. You may also keep a daily journal to reduce stress.