How to Learn and Play Electric Guitar

Have u bought a new electric guitar? Want to create magic with that six-string instrument? Don’t worry. It is not at all a tough job. You just need to follow some guidelines.

Once you have the guitar then go to a proper tutor. Your tutor is the best person who can best teach you how to learn and play electric guitar.

A tutor can help you in many ways. He will be able to show you the chords practically; you can discuss your queries with him and over all he can boost you up, when you are down. Remember that even though playing an electric guitar is easier than playing an acoustic guitar, you still need a lot of patience.

But if you think that you don’t need a tutor and you can do it by yourself, then here are some simple tips for you on how to learn and play electric guitar.

– Buy some books where you can find notations of different songs. Start with simple 4/4 beat songs or 3/4 beat songs like Yankee Doodle, charade etc. These notations will help you increase your reflex. It will also help your fingers move easily.

– Once you get used to these notations then go for some more complicated ones, where you will get a chance to move your fourth finger. Remember, while you are playing an electric guitar, you need to be able to move your four fingers. Only the thumb will be on the neck for support.

– Now when you have got hold on all of your fingers, experiment with the time signature. Try to play more complicated key signature notations. Play 6/8 beat, 2/2 beat, 7/4 beat etc.

– You must remember one thing, if you want to be a good guitarist; you need to be fluent on scales. Practice scales everyday. Practice both the major and minor ones, the harmonic and melodic minors.

– Try to play on different fret positions. Try to be fluent especially on the 3rd, 5th and 7th position. Remember you cannot learn how to learn and play electric guitar, unless you feel comfortable playing in every frate position of your guitar.

– Now, let us come to the chord section. Knowing to play rhythm is very important in electric guitar. Start practicing the easy chords first. Chords like D major, A major, E major, G major will be your first attempt. Play them on the nut position first. After becoming comfortable in nut position, go for the bar chords and the minor chords.

Try to play the ornamental chords like diminished, augmented, 7th chords, 6th chords etc. Practice different kinds of rhythms.

– To know how to grip the chords, go for good music books. There are lots of good books that will teach you how to grip these chords.

These are the basic guidelines. But there is something else also. If you seriously want to know how to learn and play electric guitars then you must listen to good solo electric guitar pieces. The more you will listen, the more you will get to know a lot of things.

And remember one more thing. Do practice everyday. If you do not practice sufficiently then this how to learn and play electric guitar lesson will be of no use.