How To Keep Romance In Your Relationship

A lot of people complain that the spark has disappeared from their relationship, that they have become just an “old married couple”. But, if you wish to keep that sense of romance and excitement in your relationship it’s up to you to ensure that these feelings stick around.

The romance only disappears if you allow it to do so. This is one of those home truths, which many people choose to overlook. Actually it’s not really that you choose to overlook this fact; it is more that the majority of people entering a relationship do not realize that it takes a certain amount of effort to keep excitement and freshness in a relationship. By the time they do make this realization the spark has already gone; but you can get it back, so long as you wish to do so.

We kind of set out on the dating game with an idea at the back of our minds that you meet “the one” and live “happily ever after”. Once a relationship has come and gone or you are exposed to your friends or family members relationships fizzling out and failing, you become more aware of the importance of focusing effort upon making your relationship work as you wish it to.

A friend made the observation that they are the almost the only couple amongst their group of associates who are still together and haven¬ít been tempted into affairs and so on. They are pedantic about protecting their own bond and ensure that they keep their sense of fun and excitement going despite being incredibly busy at work and having a young family. They ensure that they have a “date night” just for the two of them every single week, come hell or high water.

They are intelligent and prudent in their actions. They have learned through watching others make mistakes and do not want to follow suit.

The phrase “variety is the spice of life” comes to mind. In this case, variety does not mean in terms of varying your partner; rather, the important thing is to vary the things which you do with your partner, the places you go, the activities which you pursue, the holidays which you embark upon, the things which you talk about.

If you are finding your partner boring the chances are that you too are in fact being boring. How you feel comes from within you. And therefore you hold the key, which will unlock the door to excitement and sizzle in your relationship. You could plan a date night, create new interests and find more things which the two of you could share and enjoy.

If you wish to regenerate love in your relationship it is also important to spend time recalling the reasons why you got together and to focus upon the things which you love about your partner. Think about what you love instead of focusing upon the minor irritations which are inevitable in life.

It is worth remembering that the things which you focus upon become magnified and take priority in you mind. So if you want your relationship to prosper and blossom it is essential that you focus on the good things, the fun things and the special bond which you have together.

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