How to Keep Motivated and Achieve the Life of Your Dreams

How to keep yourself motivated is an issue everyone has to cope with. Especially when the going gets touch. The motivated person will be able to ride the difficulties and make their dreams come true. ” Ah great it is, believe the dream As we stand in youth by the starry stream. But a great thing is to live life through, And say at the end the dream came through.”

Keeping yourself motivated is the key to long term success and worthwhile accomplishment. Here are some reasons behind achieving sustainable motivation, that will fulfill dreams and make goals a reality.

1. Have a strong reason why. Know why you want to accomplish what you are doing. Examine the consequences if you did not do, and attach a meaning behind what you are doing. The reason why high school dropouts, when they finally turn around, is because they have tasted and experienced the consequence of lack of motivation in their lives. It is because they want to achieve a turnaround and experience success that they are motivated to achieve. A strong emotion has been attached to ie- perhaps pain, and they have a strong reason to change. Victor Frankl, agreed with the philosopher Nietszche that he who has a why to live for can bear with almost any how. At the heart of his theory is the belief that whatever personal circumstances, what keeps us going is the meaning we find in living. Frankl noted that people who had hope of being reunited with loved ones or who had projects they needed to complete or who had great faith tended to have a better chance at survival than those who did not have a reason or had little to keep them from going through the difficulties. The belief and the meaning and the reason for living on belief helped him survive the camps against all odds when millions others perished under the harsh conditions. To keep yourself motivated therefore, create a strong reason for yourself.

2. Set yourself up for success. As human beings, success breeds success. And nothing is sweeter than the taste of accomplishment. We need to experience and know that we can succeed. We get about the same boost from small as well as from big accomplishments. This phenomenon is strange but true. Small victories are often the most fulfilling. The spirit is nurtured by accomplishment. Whether we win big or small does not matter- the fact is, you have accomplished and achieved something significant that we have set out to do and you have tasted success.

3. Contribute to something significant. Most of us have a need to create something positive, to contribute, to pursue a cause in which we can see that that what we are doing is worthwhile. That it is not wasted effort. There is value in what we are doing. And that fulfills the need to contribute to something significant. This need is inherent in all of us. Fill that need. Motivation will soar when it is seen that there is something positive to give.

4. Create your own goals.If you are leading a group and they are not really motivated, let them create their own goals. It could be students in classroom, employees, your children, your family, your group in the community. By creating and being part of the goal-setting process, you and each individual will have a sense of contribution and have ownership of the goal. When the goal, no matter how small, becomes a reality there is a sense of personal achievement. The future is shaped and a difference is made because they have created the goal and the outcome. This goal setting exercise with personal involvement then also enhances morale. Within the team, it and builds team spirit.

5. Be positively dissatisfied. Dissatisfied people are highly motivated people. Why are so many high school dropouts motivated to achieved great success? Because they have experienced and tasted the need for immediate change. They become highly motivated when they awake to the realities and become dissatisfied with being high school drop out and they become motivated to change. On the other hand, dissatisfaction can lead to negative change and one must beware of letting it lead to discouragement and criticism. Dissatisfaction which leads positive action is the key.

6. Appreciate your own efforts – and appreciate the efforts of others. The need to be appreciated and recognized is deep. Although it is not a prerequisite for internal motivation, when you are recognized for your talent or effort, motivation level certainly increase and makes you want to accomplish more. Do give your employees, students, friends recognition. It will certainly go a long way.

7. Have clear expectations When you are clear on what you have to accomplish, responsibilities clearly defined, then there will be more sense of control over what can or needs to be accomplished, less confusion and disappointment.

Take steps now towards increasing your value and motivation to accomplish your project, your work, and create the life of your dreams. Remind yourself of the reason and meaning behind what you are doing. Create a mission, a reason, a vision. Give yourself a reason strong enough, that touches them at the core, if possible. Be positively dissatisfied with the current situation. Set your own goals, recognize your efforts and set yourself up for success. Work becomes play, when there is a mission to be accomplished that is worthwhile, achievable and recognized.