How To Keep Him Calling Back

The beginning of a new relationship is sooooo wonderful. Everything’s fun and exciting (even a tad scary). But it’s such a RELIEF to FINALLY find someone you’re attracted to and can connect with.


This is also a time when a man…when he’s REALLY into a woman…can call or e-mail or text her constantly.

“I really like him,” my client Jane whined. “But I don’t know. It’s just…he’s calling me all the time.”

I sensed that even though Jane was flattered, she was a bit annoyed. Like the guy was soooo into her that she was actually bothered.

Guess what, girls?

That’s a GOOD thing!

You WANT a guy to keep calling and texting and e-mailing. It’s when he STOPS that you start worrying!

Most guys are single-focused. And more simple-minded than women. (This is not an insult…it’s the way nature made us.)

When a man is REALLY into a woman, he pretty much targets his attention towards her and wants to be with her. Constantly. That means…most of the time.

Many women don’t get this. (I didn’t.) (Way back when.)

Jane was overwhelmed by so much attention, that she did the exact opposite of what she really wanted to happen.

Jane thwarted her man’s pursuit by not taking his calls or not being available to see him and (arrrrggghhhh) telling him that he calls too much!

And guess what?

He STOPPED calling.

And guess what?

Jane is “whining” that the guy never calls like he used to.


YOU trained him into it, Jane! You were annoyed when he called! You punished him for NOT doing it YOUR way!

Ladies, Pleeeaaassse!

When God gives you a gift of manna from the heavens, say “YES. THANK-YOU. PLEASE.”

Don’t clobber him when he calls! Don’t push him away when he’s really into you! Don’t thwart his efforts by telling him you can do it yourself or you don’t need “that” or you can pay for it yourself! Geeezzz!

Say “Thank you” when he calls. Say “Yes!” when he invites you out for Thursday (although you want to go out on Saturday). And for God’s sake, say “Please” when he offers to do something nice for you!

Ladies, if you can properly guide a man to give, protect and cherish you, EVERYBODY wins. HE wins because he feels good doing it. YOU win because you feel good receiving it.

So the next time a guy you like starts calling you TOOOOO much say, (altogether now) “Yes. Thank-you. Please.” (Again…”Yes. Thank-you. Please”…and again…)

And be HAPPY when he calls you back!