How To Keep Family Recipes

Do you have traditional family recipes? Family and cherished recipes are almost as important to cooking as having the freshest food. Consider the memories of that holiday goose your sister usually brings to the family dinner. Or, think about how important your Aunt Sally’s cherry cobbler is that she shares with you every New Years Eve. Without a good recipe filing system, the recipes may get lost and forgotten. This is why it is important for us to catalog these recipes that we treasure.

Below, are some tips to help get you started.

Get It In Writing

Taking Notes

While you prepare your meals, you will want to make sure that you take notes of the ingredients that you cook with. What happens if you happen to forget how much water to add? On the other hand, what if it has been months since you used the recipe and you forget the name of the main ingredient? If you keep detailed notes, the odds of this occurring would be very small. Ten years could go by and you could still cook the recipe because you can always find it in your notes.

The Right Method

Index cards have been the traditional method of maintaining recipes and keeping in a file box. It is simple and convenient to jot down your recipe on an index card and then just slip into a box. But, you can easily keep track of your recipes in other ways just as easily. Binders can be very handy to hold recipes and that you can decorate to express your style of cooking. Notebooks are another great choice, and economical.

Is There Room For More?

Expanding Your Collection

In addition, it is a good idea to set up your recipe storage in a flexible manner so that it would be easy to expand. This is a primary reason why the file box method is still used today. Just writing on an index and slipping it in the file box is easy. Still, you could also do the exact same idea with a notebook or a computer file. By doing that, you can easily add more to your collection by inserting a new page in your binder or making another file on your computer.

You can find more tips to help you keep track of your recipes and to become a better cook, by looking on the Internet for an ebook that covers everything you ever wanted to know about cooking.