How To Keep Bathroom Mirrors Fog-Free

A fog-free bathroom mirror is one of the many morning blessings that we yearn to have while making ourselves presentable and sparkling for work or school in the morning rush. To wake ourselves up, we usually take a speed hot shower only to find that the steam has condensed on the mirror making it (and our mood) foggy. Precious minutes are wasted then waiting for it to clear, or trying in vain to wipe the mirror off with hand or a washcloth, often smudging the mirror in the practice. To save those precious minutes every day, to find the mirror fog-free every time, here are some solutions that you may find helpful.

Have a bathroom that’s airy and spacious

If you are planning to build your home in near future, make sure the bathrooms inside it are spacious and well-ventilated. Large and airy space will not allow the steam condensing on the mirror, making your bathroom life fog-free.

Invest in technologically-advanced mirrors

There are some fog-free mirrors in the market that uses mirror-warming technology that effectively keeps the mirror smog-free all the year round. Don’t buy cheap products; rather insist on the best service.

Since most of our bathroom is small and do not have a fog-free mirror, the following tips will help us keep mirrors smog-free.

Utilizing the built-in vent fan

If you have a ventilator fan in the bathroom, make sure it is in good order and keep it running while you are inside. If it has amassed large amount of dust, clean it off. It’s not tough to dislodge the fan from the wall with some turns of the screws. Remember to turn off the electric breaker so that you do not get electric shock.

Shower with the door open

If possible, keep the bathroom door open. The ventilation will disperse the steam quickly keeping the mirror fog-free. If privacy is at stake, you can still block your door open a few inches to disperse the steam provided that you get a rubber doorstop.

Purchase a small squeegee

Buy a small squeegee from the bathroom sections of bed-and-bath and hardware stores. These work much better than a paper towel or washcloth to keep your mirror clean. However, they can’t handle with quite a lot of steam. The steam will instantly blur the mirror again.

Utilize some plain white shaving cream

Clean your mirror with some plain white shaving cream. Then cover the entire mirror in a layer of the shaving cream. Let it dry, then wipe it all off with a dry paper towel or your trusty squeegee. The mirror will appear clean and will now resist fog-condensation for some time.

Employ a no-fog cloth

Buy a no-fog cloth from a hardware or automotive store and wipe your mirror down with it. This will cost you more than the shaving cream method, but it will take much less time.

Use your hair dryer on the mirror

You may also utilize your hair dryer on the mirror, if the room is well-ventilated. It will disperse the steam quickly. Take caution, you may get electric shock if you run a hair dryer in an unventilated, stuffy bathroom with damp hands.

Cold water spray

Before finishing your shower, spray cold water for 10 seconds. This will dissolve a lot of the steam out of the air. To do this, you need to set the water as cold as you can. Then let the cold water spray for ten seconds or so; It’s best if you do this before you open the curtain or shower stall.

Using glass protection cleaners

You can also try glass protection cleaners. You just need to use them only once a week or two. They work as water repellents and the thus keeps the mirror free of the annoying fog.