How to Keep Aquarium Fish Alive

The death of your finned friends can be devastating – especially when you’ve put so much work into feeding them, cleaning their tank, and supplying them with interesting things to do. The good news is that death can be avoided as long a few important concepts are remembered and practiced.

Keep Saltwater Fish Separate From Freshwater Fish

One of those things is ensuring that you don’t make the mistake of mixing aquarium types. Basically, your fish tank is either a saltwater aquarium or a freshwater aquarium. And the type of fish that inhabit them determines both of these aquarium types. Fish that comes from oceans just won’t survive in a freshwater aquarium, and fish that comes from lakes, rivers, or ponds won’t survive in a saltwater aquarium. If you take care not to mix the two, you’re already doing the most important part of extending the longevity of your fish.

Limit the Number of Fish You Keep

Another thing that you can do is avoid overstocking your aquarium with fish. It might be tempting at first to buy more than what’s feasible, but if you want them to thrive, you must take the size of the fish, the size of the aquarium, and the objects that are placed in the tank into consideration. Seventeen small-sized fish in a large 3-foot tank may not sound like a lot, but if they’re placed in a tank that’s full of plants, rocks, and large filter, they won’t have enough room to stay healthy.

Include Plants in Your Aquarium

Speaking of plants, failing to recognize their importance could be dangerous as well. Water plants play a vital role in aquatic life and they depend on fish just as much as fish depend on them. Plants fill aquariums with the oxygen that fish need, however fish waste fertilizes these plants in turn. The result is a healthy exchange of life sustaining properties that almost guarantee a thriving aquatic environment.

Prevent Aggressive Fish Behavior

Fish are also rather sensitive to new things placed in their home so you’ll definitely want to be careful when introducing new food, plants, or additional fish. Fish need time to acclimate to other fish for weeks at a time – otherwise they may resort to aggressive behavior if they’re all lumped into one aquarium at once.

By following these few suggestions, you can do a lot to extend the enjoyment of your aquarium.