How to Judge the Level of Care at Nursing Home

It is one thing to put your loved one in a nursing home; it is another thing to monitor if he or she is being taken care of. Many people having old or elderly ones have been accused of abandoning them at nursing home. This is wrong. You can’t just abandon your loved one, you must make sure that adequate attention and care is given to him or her.

One of the primary things you are supposed to do before placing your loved one at a nursing home is investigate the prospective home first hand. You shouldn’t base your decision on the recommendation of people. You must go there at different times of the day to watch the happening in the home. If you have done this, fine. But the work does not end there. You still must show enough concern about the welfare of your loved one at the nursing home.

During your visit to the home, you must be on the look out for ‘strange’ happenings that you didn’t notice initially before bringing your love one. There are signs you can detect whether your loved one is receiving enough attention at the home.

When you get to the home, check whether there is any injury requiring special attention at the hospital. Old or aged hardly notice any injury on their bodies and if there is, they tend to want to keep it to themselves.

Also, look for any incident that involves broken bones. Whenever you are at the home, ensure to monitor your loved one. Look at his or her body. Study his or her movement to detect any broken or fractured bone.

You can check if there is any injury or death occurring during or shortly after an episode of wandering (including outside the facility) when the staff is not aware that the resident is missing for some period of time

Most importantly, watch out if your loved one or other residents are under heavy medication or sedation. If your loved one or any other resident is sleeping too much no matter the time of your visit, then that is a sure sign that your loved one or other residents have been drugged

Another sign that might show you that the home is not taking care of your loved one properly is when there is a drastic and profound change in the physical fitness of your loved one or other residents. In other words, if there is rapid weight loss or gain without physician and family notification, you should demand for an explanation form the home authorities.

When death becomes a normal occurrence in the home. When residents die within a short period in between and without any justifiable reason, it is a sign that the home is overlooking its responsibility.

If at any time you visit and you discover one resident injuring another one, this is sure sign that the home is not taking its duties seriously.

When residents are becoming frequently ill and these illnesses are not promptly reported to the physician and family, it is time to take up the case with the authority of the nursing home.

The fact that you have paid for the service of the nursing home should make you bold to demand for an explanation or information on any situations or circumstances you are not happy with at the home.

Taking your loved one to a nursing home is one of the best decisions you have taken under a prevailing circumstance, nevertheless you must not throw caution to the wind. You must be vigilant anytime you are visiting the home.

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