How To Increase Your Business By 200% Using Facebook

Facebook is one of those cutting edge strategies that you’ve got to pay attention to if you want to prosper online in your business. It’s currently the #3 rated website online according to, and in the last month it has been ranked #2 (as of September 2009, when this post was written), right behind Google. The fact is, that the there is not a hotter social trend on the whole internet, and you should be taking advantage of it as much as possible. My overall intention with this message is to warn about some mistakes that most people make, as well as give you a strategy that personally increases my sales by 200%.

First we need to ask what the main purpose of Facebook is for the majority of online users. To break things into absolute basics, social networks are built to do just that, be social and network. There isn’t a person alive who just LOVES being annoyed to death by offers all day and night. I can’t even describe how irritating and demeaning this is to all of our businesses when someone decides they’re going to spam the universe with all of their information. (If that’s you, do us all a favour and stop it today.)

It should be your goal to connect with as many people as you possibly can on a personal level, and to be a benefit to them in some way. If your goal is to benefit people and it comes across in your marketing, it’s fine to send out marketing messages on social networks, and it’s not annoying, either. Remember, have a goal of solving problems in all the actions you take, and others will be attracted to your business offers all on their own.

This is a universal concept that applies in every imaginable business setting. You never want to be the person who’s ‘just out to get the sale’. You want to be the person who gives without any thought in return, and adds value to everyone around you. I have. This is both annoying and it gives the wrong message out. Who wants to recieve spammy messages on their wall on Facebook every day?

I want to share with you how I use this social networking site. Facebook is not my main marketing strategy. What I use Facebook for is simple, I connect with the people who opt in to my newsletter by finding them on Facebook and saying hello. What I’ve found is this simple act of connecting increases the amount that my subscribers purchase from me by 200%. Isn’t that easy? All I do after that is just respond to people who send me messages. I don’t take too much time doing this, I just respond to all of my messages a couple of times per week.

It’s amazing how few business people there are out there who actually take the time to connect with their customers. Using this simple technique, I’ve created a lot of great relationships, and made enough money to make it worth it. Why don’t you test it out in your business? You’ve got nothing to lose!

Remember, just keep in mind the following principle and you’ll be ok. Give abundantly, and you’ll recieve abundantly in return. This IS the way attraction marketing works. Perhaps I’ll see you on Facebook.