How to Increase the Comfort Level at Nursing Home

One of the many thoughts going through the mind of your loved one as you reached conclusion to take him or her to a nursing is the feeling of being away from home. The absence of friends and loved ones around an aged person is very traumatic. It is so devastating that many of them reject the option of going the nursing home.

You must help your loved one to have the feeling that the nursing home is still and will be home for him or her. You must endeavour to create an atmosphere of care and love that was present in the home your loved one is leaving.

How can you make a nursing home like the real ‘home’ for your loved one?

– Visit the person in the nursing home as often as you are able. Normally, the days tend to be ‘long’ in the view of the aged. So, spend quality time at the nursing home with your loved one. It is advisable that you spread the visit throughout the week instead of spending one long ‘hours’ once a week. You can make it fifteen to thirty minutes a day. Your loved one will appreciate it.

– Take your loved one out on a treat. Don’t limit your visit to the nursing home alone. Take your loved one out to an interesting place that he or she will really love visiting. Let your loved one see the ‘outside’ world instead of restricting him or her to the home. However, make sure that the home is aware of your trip.

– Buy gifts for your loved one. This is one thing the aged hates. They are litreally abandoned and visited once a while. This is absolutely wrong! Make sure you get a gift for your loved one when visiting the nursing home. Remember their birthday, wedding and so on. Get them a surpriused gift and you would have succeded in making the nursing home a real ‘home’ for your loved one.

– Keep them current and up to date with events in the family. Don’t keep them in darkness about events in the family. Let them be aware of birthday, wedding and other wonderful ceremonies at home. If possible, get all those events in photos or preferably in video for them to watch. This will no doubt make them happy that though they are far away, they are still ‘around’ in the home.

– Provide them with a radio. Make sure it is tuned to their favourite station if they cannot do it on their own. Or better still, get a staff informed of the radio and let hime or her help in tuning it to their favourite station.

– If you discover that the nursing home does not have a Television or the one provided is for all the residents which makes your loved one unable to watch his or her favourite program, then get a T.V for him or her and let the staff help in tuning to their favourite program.

– Talk with them. Be a lsitening ear to them and don’t bore them with your endless conversation. Many aged want to be listened to. Make sure that you talk with them always during your visit. Never be in haste to leave them. They will feel bad.

– Bring interesting books for your loved one. They may not be able to read your own type of novels but you can get them large print books with lots of pictures.

– Get them motivational CDs. Instead of watching the sunrise and sunset, let them receive new vigour for the day by listening to their pastor’s sermon on a mobile cd player.

It is possible to make a nursing home a real ‘home’ for your loved one by carrying out the above simple task. It is all aimed at making life worth living for your loved instead of him or her wishing for death.

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