How to improve your chances of getting work as a model

The most important thing to remember when trying to get modelling jobs is to be persistent. Unless you are a supermodel jobs will not come to you, you must go out and look for them. Approach as many bookers as possible, and find out about the tpe of work they do. For models just breaking into the business, a good idea is to approach the events organiser at local shopping centres, and ask if they need models for any in-store fashion shows, and to tell your hairdresser you are available for modelling at hair shows. Another good option is to contact the fashion or beauty departments of top magazines and newspapers, and ask if they are planning any makeover stories. Let them know if your are willing to consent to having your hair cut or coloured for an article. If the company use you for this job they are likely to use you again, and may recommend you to fellow industry collegues for use in their shoots.
Another way to improve your chances o getting a job is when you are meeting with your agency, make sure they are aware of any special talents you have that a client may require for a specific job, such as roler-skating or horseriding, so you have a better chance of them booking you for a job. If your agency has not booked you in a while contact them to find out why clients are not choosing you, and if there is anything you can do to improve your chances of being booked.
A vital part of getting work as a model is to learn not to take criticism personally, as clients will repeatedly criticise your portfolio even if it is of top quality, as your image doesn’t suit their product. Learn which products you are most suited to modelling and try and approach as many clients who sell these products as possible. Know what type of look you have, and research which clients go for this type of look in particular.
When going for jobs, a pivotal point to remember is that clients have the choice of choosing from any number of models, and they certainly aren’t going to choose you if you have a reputation for being a diva. A model’s role is to be molded by industry professionals, not to tell them how you think the job should be done. If you build up a reputation amongst industry insiders as being an easy model to work with clients will be more likely to book you over someone who demands a lot of attention from them.
Last of all, keep a modelling C.V. of all jobs you have done to show to prospective clients, along with a job portfolio of the work you have done. Be prepared to do jobs that don’t appeal to you in order to build up your client repertoire and job history; and make sure you maintain a highly groomed appearance at all times, so that if a prospective client asks to meet you at short notice you are able to present a positive image