How to Improve Decision Making Skills

Decision making is necessary for everybody to take any decision. Wrong decision can harm you financially, physically, emotionally. It is better take right decision at the right time at the right place. But all persons are not able to take right decision at the right time. To improve decision making skills identify the steps in a standard process to solve problems and make decisions. Decision making is a cognitive skill that is not easy for many people, regardless of intelligence. After working through the decision making process, discuss handling problems in a disaster situation. Focus on the process to solve a problem or make a right decision. It is suggested that to jot down the steps on a paper.

To improve your decision making skills first step you should follow “define the problem”. A person can not solve a problem until he clearly understands and define the problem. Try to label the problem in accurate and real terms. For example, “John can’t drive me to work” identifies a possible problem. However, it may or may not be a trouble depending on other factors. The definition above describes the cause of a possible problem. Rephrasing the problem to “How will I get to work?” puts the focus of the problem solving on getting to work rather than on the other information. The fact that John can’t drive you to work may not be a trouble if you have other options. When John told you he could not drive affects the meaning of the problem. If he told you two days before, you have not as much of a problem than if he called 30 minutes prior to work. A better description of the problem is “I have to be work in 30 minutes, my usual ride is not going to show up, and the next train or bus won’t get me to work on time.”

For emergency problems develop alternative solutions. This is known as brainstorming. No thought is a bad one. Each thought could be a possible answer. Try to forecast your ability to achieve each solution and forecast the consequences. Using the example above, you may think calling a taxi. In evaluating this alternative, factors such as taxi fare and whether the taxi can get you to work on time would need to be evaluated. Make decisions and pick best solution and execute it. Evaluate the result; if the result was successful, then the person learns that this is a great decision if the problem arises again it was unsuccessful.

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