How to Improve Credit History Fast

The purpose of this article is to outline the first few steps to putting your credit rating improvement on a fast track.

Starting the Process with a Bad Credit History

If you are strapped with bad credit, it can be a continuous pain in the neck. The biggest pain is the need to use cash for almost all your financial transactions.

A bad credit history will make it very difficult for the usual financial transactions. These include bank loans, buying a car, buying a house, leasing an apartment or house and, of course, applying for a new credit card. Businesses, banks and landlords will turn their backs on you once they review your credit report. There is only one thing to do to get your life back to normal and that is to work diligently to quickly raise your credit rating.

Upgrade Your Credit Rating

Once you’re bad credit history is exposed, how can you improve credit history fast? How to begin? There are many options but guess what, you need a good credit rating for most of these options so they are out.

One place is a credit counseling service if you’re credit history is unusually bad. The value of a credit counseling service is two fold.

First, they can identify the reasons why your credit rating is so low. And secondly, once that is done, they can recommend proven ways to begin to improve your credit history.

There are millions of people who have had bad credit histories and many of them have used the services of credit counseling services. So don’t be ashamed, there is a good chance that your next door neighbor or a family member has used one in the past.

Beware of Collection Agencies

Forgotten debts and missed payments are high on the agenda to be addressed by the credit counseling service. They present significant hurdles in improving your credit rating.

Unfortunately, businesses are like elephants, they have long memories and you can be sure they will contact a collection agency eventually. Collection agencies will do whatever they can to hurt your credit history once they decide that they will not be able to collect from you.

Legally, collection agencies are required to contact you first about any bad debts. They do not go to much trouble to locate you if you have moved or changed your phone number and consequently they can report you to the credit bureaus for a bad debt at their own discretion without your knowledge or permission. Bottom line, to improve credit history fast, you must deal with the collection agencies quickly and effectively.


To review, getting your old bills and missing payments up to date is a paramount first step. Next, showing you are responsible by paying your monthly bills on time consistently each month.

If you still owe on credit cards, make sure you make the monthly minimum payments and if you do not have one, try to get a secured credit card and make the monthly minimum payments for it. In particularly difficult cases, I advocate using a credit counseling service. Their expertise in helping thousands of other people like you will provide you with many options that have proven to be helpful in the past.