How to Impress Women

Impressing women is not that difficult, once you know how. True, some women are more difficult to impress than others are but even they can be wowed. When trying to meet women or get a date, you need to make the right impression. This means dressing, talking, walking, and acting the part of a confident man.

The problem when it comes time to impress a woman is that most men try too hard. They want desperately to make a good impression, which means they try to be cool, funny, or anything other than who they are. Of course, there is nothing wrong with wanting to put your best foot forward but keeping it real will get you much further.

Stop worrying about the things you think the woman wants to hear. If you spend all your time trying to analyze a stranger’s needs and wants, you will never get anywhere. Additionally, even if you have to pretend, act confident. This means standing up straight, not fidgeting, and no stuttering. Have a direct purpose of wanting to introduce yourself and remember women love confident men.

If something comes out of your mouth that sounded silly, foolish, or just wrong, you would do far better not to back peddle to fix it. Simply continue the conversation, acting almost as if you did or said nothing wrong. Again, this goes back to the confidence in that going backwards to fix something could make you look weak. Of course, if you said something that needs an apology, never hesitate.

If you come across too serious or formal, chances are that she will not be interested. Sure, be on your best behavior but do not forget to be you. You can let your own special personality shine through while still behaving like a nice gentleman. This is a fine balance but once conquered, it will take you a long way.

The best advice when it comes to trying to impress women is to stop trying. Seriously, if you just do what comes natural, you will be much better off. When a man tries to impress a woman, he usually takes it too far, meaning the initial meeting is a disaster. However, if you approach a woman and just be you, then she will either like you or not. If she is not impressed, then so be it but chances are that by not trying, she will like what she sees and hears.

Typically, a man who tries to impress a woman too much comes across almost desperate and pushy. To the woman, she is immediately turned off with her guard going up. All you have to do is be you and introduce yourself, allowing the conversation to take a normal direction. Otherwise, men will see you as having no confidence, as not liking yourself, as being insecure, and as having little to no experience with women, the very things you want to avoid.