How to Help Your Pets Deal with Death of another Pet

How to help your other pets deal with the death (loss) of your dog.

I agree that pets are not as intelligent as humans, even though many pets are getting very smarter with more training.

I agree that pets can’t see, think or feel the exact same way as humans, even though they exhibit certain tendencies that might indicate certain feelings as humans.

I agree with these and other facts about pets and humans.

But the truth also needs to be told.

Pets also feel the loss of other pets in their midst as humans too do. Even though not ‘exactly’ the same way as humans do, but they also feel a deep sense of loss when another pet dies.

How do you tell that your pet is feeling the loss of the other pet that dies?

Look at your pets (or pet) critically and observe its behavior after the death of another pet that is very close to it.

Does it still eat as much and as happily as it does when the other pet was still alive?

Does it still play with you and run around the house the same way it used to before the other pet died?

Does it sit somewhat sadly most of the time, refusing to move around as happily and joyfully as it used to?

If it is a dog, does it howl uncontrollable most of the time, for no apparent reasons?

All these are signs that your pet is mourning the loss of the other pet. In other words, it is grieving.

What can you do when this happens?

Below are simply but highly effective guidelines on how to deal with this problem of your pet or dog grieving after the loss of its fellow pet:

First, get help from experts who have proven experience with dealing with such problem. Tell them exactly how your pet or dog is behaving- whether it eats, plays, sleeps, etc or not.

Second, do everything within your power to get your pet’s mind away from the situation on hand. If it loves being taken out, then take it out for a walk or a ride. It is a good opportunity to meet with other pets and this can help ease its grieve with the loss of the dead pet. If it enjoys this outing, then do it again the next day and the next day, until it now has something to look forward to daily.

Third, you can add another pet or dog as a way of giving it a replacement for its dead companion. Of course it will take some time for it to get used to this other pet, but eventually it will. It is just a matter of time. Time heals all wounds- even in animals.

Finally, get closer to your pet and try to get it to forget the dead of the other pet as fast as possible. If you are not used to playing with it, you have to start doing so. Make it feel well loved and cherished by you and it will feel better and forget the previous pet quicker than you thought.

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