How to Help Your Kids Stop Their Unhealthy Habits?

Dealing with kids’ unhealthy habits is a difficult task for every parent. It is very painful to see kids hooked to unhealthy habits like smoking, alcohol or substance abuse. If your kid is into these harmful habits, read through the article to deal with this issue.

Observe symptoms of alcohol or substance abuse
Notice physical and behavioral changes associated with drug abuse in your child. Changes in eating habits, red and watery eyes, needle marks on the body, nausea and excessive sweating, and unusual sleep times are some of the warning physical signs of substance abuse.

Behavioral warning signs include physical or oral disrespect, lying about their activities, withdrawal from participation in family activities, confused and paranoid behavior, sudden drop in their grades in schools, change in personal grooming, etc.

The moment you observe these symptoms in your kid, confirm their unhealthy habits using drug testing kits.

Check for the reasons
As a concerned parent, it is necessary for you to find the reasons for their unhealthy behavior. Get help from the school or college management to know the behavior of your child. You can even check your kid’s friends. Engage in an open chat and encourage your kid to share his/her problems. It can be an uncomfortable communication, but is required. Check if your kid is suffering from stress, peer pressure or any other issue.

Set clear rules against substance abuse
Maintain strict rules and regulations against the use of smoking, alcohol or illicit drugs. Conduct drug tests at regular intervals. This helps in preventing your kid from having drugs again. Make him aware of the punishment or disciplinary actions that would be implemented if he repeats or turns back to unhealthy habits.

Be supportive – strengthen your relationship
Get involved with your kid’s life. Show love and support to make him understand that you are concerned about him. This establishes a strong relationship. It also makes your kid respond to you in a positive way. Your kid will follow your words and try to quit unhealthy habits.

Talk about drugs and their harmful effects
Kids who abuse drugs do not bother about their harmful effects. They may or may not know the effects of drug abuse. So, make them understand the effects of substance abuse on their personal, educational and social life. Explain the long-term health effects associated with substance abuse. Give real life examples of your friends or neighbors who experienced the dreadful effects of illicit drug usage.

Encourage healthy habits
Encourage your kid to practice healthy lifestyle. Include regular exercises like jogging or walking in his daily routine. Find his interests and engage them in physical activities like sports, dancing or yoga. Also make sure that he takes nutritional diet. Making your kid get used to these habits may take some time. But it is necessary as it improves your kid’s health greatly.

Take professional help if necessary
If necessary, consult healthcare professionals to get expert advice. Their effective counseling encourages your child to stop abusing alcohol or other drugs. They offer tips to stay away from unhealthy habits. Their counseling helps your kid manage stress and peer pressure.

Don’t get worried if your kid is already in the trap of substance abuse. Recall the saying, ‘it’s better late than never’ and follow the above mentioned guidelines to help your kid stay away from unhealthy habits.