How To Have More Time… A Few Tips

Time Management

To get a better grasp on your productivity and success both at work and at home it is essential to learn some time management techniques. Effective Time management will help you better prioritize your day, helping to focus on the things that need to be done and seeing where you are wasting the most time. Each of us starts our day with the same amount of time but what you do with that time and how much you accomplish with it depends solely on your and your choices. You do not have to have set times for every waking moment but there are things that you can do to instill time saving habits, which will greatly increase your productivity.

Perhaps one of the first things you will want to do is learn what some of the biggest time wasters are. Below is a sample of some things that may be draining your time.

• Surfing the internet can make the time fly and before you know an hour has passed and you have accomplished nothing.

• Telephone calls – especially personal calls during work hours

• E-mail- constantly checking your email during the day.

• Lack of planning for specific tasks

• Idle chat with friends or co-workers

• Clutter Workspace

• Poor tools and resources- trying to get things done with the wrong tools can waste hours of time every week

Most of the bad time management habits that we have picked up can be switched into good ones with a few simple steps.

• Limit your internet use when working or trying to accomplish tasks At home.

• Limit your personal telephone calls to set break times so they will not monopolize your day.

• Use your break times as well to do such tasks as checking your email

• Make a list of things that have to be done and give them each a time limit, then follow the list to better stay organized and on task.

• Let your friends and co-workers know that you are in the middle of doing something but you can get back with them when you’re on a break.

• Clean up your work space so everything has a place making it simpler to find things

• Make sure that you have the proper tools for the job at hand.

Managing your time should be easy once you get some good habits down and stick to them. You will find that by better managing your time, you will not only be more productive but you will have an overall enriched sense of well being.