How To Have Confidence Overcoming Shyness, Girls

You want to have confidence overcoming shyness, girls? Here are three power steps to do so.

1. Fake it till you make it. By behaving in certain ways, we can change how we feel.

Studies done at the University of California School of Medicine in San Francisco had volunteers make six facial expressions signifying various emotions. When the volunteers looked afraid, their bodies reacted as if they were afraid: their skin temperature dropped and their heart rates went up. The same with anger. Similarly, feigning confidence can help you feel more confident.

2. Rehearse. Preparing for an upcoming, tension producing situation, such as asking a good-looking boy out on a date, can help you stave off the jitters. You can practice in front of a mirror, or even better, with a friend.

If you feel silly or uncomfortable doing either of these things, try visualization. When you know you won’t be interrupted, put yourself in a relaxed position, such as on a recliner or sprawled out on the couch.

Now mentally run through the situation as vividly as you can. Actually “see” yourself carrying out the desired actions and even visualize how the other person will respond. You might even visualize various responses and decide how you will deal with all of them. Most importantly, after you visualize the situation, see yourself as actually feeling good about the interaction.

3. Model someone you admire. Do you know someone who seems self-confident or is always ready with good conversation? Pretend you’re that person when you enter into the difficult situation. Or, you can combine this tip with the previous one of practicing. In your visualization or practice session, imagine how the outgoing person would handle the situation and see yourself acting in the same way.

Follow these tips and you will improve your confidence overcoming shyness, girls.