How to Have a Winning Tennis Game in Six Simple Steps

Tennis is not a game for the weary or slow moving. Tennis is a game of quick movements that use every muscle in your body. It is difficult to become a fantastic tennis player due to several reasons including the inability to find an affordable tennis club, lessons, or players to practice against. These obstacles can impede your improvement in tennis which will make you frustrated. Before you quit tennis altogther, try these six simple steps to a winning tennis game.

Take a look at your racquet. Did you find it in your parents attic? If it is old and wooden then you are much better off taking it to the antiques shop then using it in your tennis game. Why? Wood racquets can not prodcue the same power as graphite racquets. Most players use a graphite racquet, so they will overpower you from the get go. Wooden racquets also have a smaller racquet face which means less available area to hit the ball. Graphite racquets can be found at affordable prices and as low as $20. This type of inexpensive racquet will suit any beginning tennis player just fine.

Start practicing by hitting against a board or tennis wall. You can find these unyielding “opponents” at public tennis courts. You can construct a hitting board at your home if you desire by placing a wooden board against a fence. The definite height and weight of the hitting board will force you to focus on accuracy. Try to hit 8-10 balls against the wall without missing. Once you have improved your conistency you are ready to face an opponent.

Your feet should not grow roots into the ground when you play tennis. Your feet should always be moving whether you are running for a shot or about to split step in response to your opponent’s shot. The entire court needs to be covered and you better be ready to sprint to any part of the court at the drop of a hat. Often times beginning tennis players are caught out of position and hit a weak shot in return. Don’t let this fault become part of your tennis game. Shuffle back to the center of the baseline between each shot.

Andre Agassi may use a two-handed backhand, but tennis is his job. Two-handed backhands can be limiting and are harder to master. Therefore, try using a one-handed backhand. You can reach for more types of shots and not worry about a ball jamming up into your chest. A one-handed backhand is a good addition to any tennis player’s game.

Avoid emotion. When a player gets angry on the tennis court, they are in real trouble. Pretty soon, they are hitting shots wide and long because they are hitting too hard. Tennis is about control and precision. Never let emotions enter into your game because it robs you of control.

Spin is everything. Now this is a hard one for people to learn, but spin is what makes the difference between a novice just hitting balls around, and someone who is a serious threat on the court. The key to generated topspin or backspin is in the follow through. If you do not follow through on your shots, then you will be hitting the ball flat and it is more likely to sail long. Plus, with spin, you can disguise your shots more and catch your opponent off guard. It is a potent weapon in anyone’s tennis game.

Tennis will help you to improve your fitness level and have fun at the same time. You can also improve your hand-eye coordination. Tennis can be mastered if you add the steps listed in your tennis training program. Have fun on the court and watch your number of winning shots go through the roof.