How To Have a Great Day

What is it that makes any day a good day? Is it what happens to you, or is it the way you feel?

We have no control over the world; so we can’t guarantee that things will go well. But with a little effort we can guarantee that we feel good. Here are three simple steps to get yourself on the positive side each and every day.

Step #1 – Smile. When we feel good we smile – that’s obvious, but did you know that if you smile it makes you feel good in return? The very act of pulling our facial muscles into the position for smiling, and I do mean a proper smile, not just a twitch of the mouth, releases hormones which actually make us feel better? The body to brain connection is a two way street and we can send messages in both directions.

I find that combining the smile with an improved posture; straightening up, pulling back the shoulders and standing taller is a potent combination that instantly lifts my spirits.

Step #2 – Think the best possible thought. When I’m feeling worried or anxious about something, I know perfectly well that worries achieve nothing, but they can be difficult to dispel, so I have a favourite thought which I keep for just such an occasion.

I go back to a time a few years ago when I had to give an impromptu presentation to a large audience, which I wasn’t expecting. I was unprepared and very nervous, but fortunately it was on a subject I knew well.

At first I stumbled and hesitated but after a few minutes I could sense that the audience was willing me to succeed and I began to feel more confident. At the end of twenty minutes of non-stop presenting, I received thunderous applause and a room full of smiles. It was one of the most fulfilling moments of my life and I can still remember it vividly.

So when things are pressing down on me I simply remember that moment of triumph and all my troubles are put back in perspective.

Step #3. Help someone. Fears, worries and insecurities are inward looking and self-centred modes of thinking. One sure fire way of moving away from them is to focus externally, by carrying out a simple act of kindness for someone else.

Carry someone’s shopping, spare a moment to talk to someone alone, help a loved one with a difficult task or give a hand to a stranger. Whatever you do, make sure to do it with an open heart and no expectation of reward. The reward you get will be from how you feel and the positive thoughts you create.

So, next time anxiety or depression threatens simply stand up straight, smile, think your favourite thought and go find someone to help. You’ll find yourself on the positive side in no time.