How To Have 5 Simple & Proven Ways To Improve Your Golf On The Course?

When you go out to play a game of golf you’re hoping for a good round. Do you? I bet you would especially amateur golfers out there.

I know many golfers do, and I have some question for you:-

Question 1 : How often does your outcome match what you hoped for? Not as what you have expected for, right?

Question 2: Do you usually shoot the scores you had envisioned before you teeing off? Again not what you want, right?

Question 3: If not, do you ever study where and how you could have saved strokes and avoided those blow up holes, without losing very badly.

I’ve got 5 easy and proven tips for you to implement immediately that will shave 4-6 or even more strokes off your score the next time you play. Give them a try and see what happens, but now I am only to include the first two:-

Here they are:

1) First off you’ve got to put the proper fuel in your body before you leave home. I mean eat something not too heavy that gives you enough energy. Most golfers don’t give it a second thought.

They either don’t eat at all before they leave home or they eat something that is not going to give them the long-term energy they’re hoping for.

So whether it’s lunch or breakfast before you leave you need to consume a complex carbohydrate and a good protein source.

This combination will warrant the best use of your energy for the long haul.

An example for breakfast would be a bowl of oatmeal and a couple of eggs with a piece of fruit or a juice.

For lunch you could have a turkey sandwich on whole wheat with a piece of fruit. Lot’s of lettuce on the sandwich and try to avoid mayonnaise or butter.

2) The second tip is to properly warm up your body before you even hit your first ball. I see so many golfers show up 5 minutes before tee time, hack a few balls and head to the first tee.

I mean doing some simple stretching exercise before injure your hamstring.

Those golfers are headed for a double bogey right off the bat – but hey they’re just getting “warmed up” right?

A better approach is to give yourself at least 30 minutes before your tee time.

First do some dynamic (movement oriented) stretches to prepare your body to perform.

Things like arm circles, partial squats, toe touches, etc. Then take some half swings with a 7-pound iron club.

Now after that you’re ready to hit some wedges. You’ll find with this approach your hits on the range will be much better, which will build your confidence.

3) Drink lots of water even before you leave your house. Try to consume up to a gallon of water before you get to the course.

This will help you absorb and digest your pre-game meal and hydrate your muscles for optimal performance. This is important and should not be overlook, otherwise the consequences is adverse.

Don’t take this lightly. Dehydration causes energy loss, lack of focus and concentration and fatigue later in the round.

And remember, that’s before you even come to the course. Once you get there, you should be drinking water every hole. Don’t forget about it.

4) Don’t wait till you get tight to stretch on the course. You should be constantly moving your body and stretching your joints while you play.

I see and hear too many golfers complaining of tight lower backs or shoulders during the round.

What amazes me is that with all that complaining they do nothing about it. Why? Think of your body as a machine.

If the machine starts to break down – fix it. I mean stretch those areas while you’re playing. You’ll see a big difference in your swing mechanics late in the round.

5) Snack while you play. No I don’t mean the full meal but having mini snacks bar that most people taking before heading for the gym.

When you supply your body with the proper nutrients your energy levels stay balanced and you will avoid those mental lapses late in the round.

How many times have you had a good score only to blow up late in the round? I’ll bet more than a couple of times. I know I have. Treat your body like a Ferrari not a Ford Pinto. You only 1 body if you want to win.

I hope you enjoy this series. Stay tuned for more golf ideas and tips.