How to Groom a Cockatiel

Cockatiel Grooming Practices

Cockatiels are masters at keeping their feathers looking clean and crisp. Watching your bird groom itself can be amusing because of the awkward positions they are forced to do. It is amazing to hear them run their beak through the feathers, spreading their oils the whole way down the tip. They have their own ways of keeping themselves looking clean, but there are some areas that they will need some assistance.

Keeping your cockatiel clean and healthy is extremely important to its well being. Depending upon their environment, it may be necessary to get their wings clipped every few months. If the flying space is available to them and it does not bother you, then it is perfectly fine to allow their wings to grow in. Be vary cautious with open doors or windows because your precious pet may find a way outside. Getting their wings clipped should not be too traumatic to them especially if it is not the first time around. You may do this yourself after a little training or a local pet store should offer you this service. It runs around $5 per bird, so if you have several birds it can add up quickly.

Cockatiels have very fragile toes and toe nails. These toe nails will need trimmed on a regular basis, so it does not affect their walking. If toe nails grow to long they may get caught on fabrics causing them to have to pull on their toes. It is possible to cut your cockatiel’s toe nails on your own. However, there is some risk in doing this. They have blood vessels inside these toe nails. If you would happen to cut too far back the bird may bleed to death. Your bird may not feel too comfortable having you do this either. Once again your local pet store should offer you this service for around $5. Have them check your bird’s toe nails while you have their wings clipped to see if they need it done.

The last way to keep your cockatiel groomed best as possible is through water spritzing. Even though your bird preens its own feathers, they may need sprayed with some water occasionally to keep dander down to its minimum. If you keep a bird bath out, some birds may climb in on their own giving themselves baths. However, not all birds like to dunk themselves in water, so having a spray bottle full of clean water will help.

Keeping your bird groomed properly will keep them safer in your home. It should help to cut down the amount of dander and mess your cockatiel makes as well.