How to Give the Engagement Ring

How to Present the Engagement Ring

You have diligently done research into the different types of engagement rings. You know what your girlfriend would prefer in terms of style and cut and you have been very careful to purchase exactly the ring that would suit her best. You have then crafted a perfect proposal for your girlfriend. You know exactly where you will do it and what you will say. You can predict her reaction and you can imagine how the whole evening will progress from there on. But have you thought about one simple, yet crucial, detail: the presentation of the engagement ring?

When you propose to your girlfriend, you will have a world of opportunity to customize and make her engagement special. The presentation of the engagement ring will likely follow whatever your plan for the proposal is. For example, if you are going to pull a classic, down on one knee proposal, then you will likely have the ring available in a small ring box. If you are going to do something wild, then you will likely have the ring presented to her in some other method.

If you choose to present your ring to your girlfriend in a traditional, ring box kind of way, then you should know that there is a certain protocol to follow. First, get down on one knee. Next, tell your girlfriend how much she means to you. Reiterate the impact of her love on your life and be sure to look her straight in the eye while holding her hand. Next, pull the ring box out of your jacked or pocket (wherever you had it hidden.) Open the lid so that she can see the ring. While hold the box between your hands, ask her to be your wife with whatever speech you have prepared (it is important to prepare something so that you do not draw a blank.)

Your girlfriend will most likely accept your proposal. From there, it is up to you to remove the ring from the box and slip it on her finger. Stand up and kiss her. This will be your first kiss and an engaged couple, so make it meaningful.

If you stray from this course or forget what you are supposed to do as you present the ring, don’t worry: naturally, you’re going to be a little nervous and flustered because this is such a monumental occasion in your life. Just remember to be sincere, make eye contact and don’t forget to show her the ring.