How to Give a Face Massage

In this article you will learn how to give a facial massage and know the benefits of face massage.

Benefits of face massage

1. Face massage relieve muscle tension in the face and improve blood and lymph circulation.

2. Face massage focusing on the pressure points of the face can offer relief for symptoms of allergies and sinus congestion.

3. Face massage helps in removing wrinkles; improve complexion and natural glow of the skin.

Steps for face massage –

Take your partner’s hair off the face with a headband. Be careful not to use too much oil on the face or you’ll find it difficult to massage specific areas without slipping. Encourage your partner to close his or her eyes, so as to focus on your touch.

• Begin by stroking up each side of the jawline to the forehead. Repeat 4-5 times.
• Slowly stroke the forehead rhythmically with the flat of your hand from just above the brows to the hairline.
• Starting at the centre hairline slide your thumbs out to the side, applying gently pressure. Move down the forehead slightly and repeat. Continue this outward stroking pressure until you reach the eyebrows.
• Now place the heel of each hand on the centre forehead and slide out to the sides. Repeat three times.
• Place the first two fingers of each hand on the temples and circle gently for a minute or two, applying a little pressure.

All the above movements help to relieve a headache. Try lavender oil for your massage as it can ward off a headache if used in time.

• Place your thumbs on your partner’s inner eyebrows and slide out to the sides. Repeat three times.
• With your index finger and thumbs gently pull along the brow bone. Repeat three times.
• Stroke gently over the eyelids with your ring fingers from the inner to the outer corners. Repeat three times.
• Alternately stroke down the nose with your thumbs then gently rub round the nose tip and nostrils. Be careful not to press hard on the nostrils.
• Stroke the cheeks across the cheekbones and gradually work down the face to the chin.
• Make little circular movements across the top lip. When you reach the corner of the mouth lift slightly then repeat.
• Make pinching movements out along the jawline and up towards the ears.
• Rub the earlobes between your fingers and thumbs then gently pinch all around the outer ear. Most people love this.
• Sweep your hands up the neck and on to the cheeks. Hold then repeat.
• Finish by stroking the forehead, getting lighter and lighter until you bring your hands off.

Note: Face massage should be done by using oil or moisturizer as a lubricant. If you just use your bare hands, you may cause too much friction and leads to irritation of the skin.

Hope you have now learned how to give a facial massage to remove wrinkles and get relief from symptoms of allergies and sinus congestion.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to provide health advice and is for general information only. Always seek the insights of a qualified health professional before embarking on any health program.