How To Get To Sleep When Your Partner Snores

If one or other of you is in the habit of snoring it usually ends up being an issue for you both. The person who is snoring may or may not be aware of the impact upon them, but it will be creating at least some rather nasty side effects. These can range from sleep deprivation or a sore throat to being in danger of being suffocated by their partner’s pillow. At the very least, your partner is likely to be either tired or extremely frosty come morning. The impact upon both health and relationship is not pleasant.

More often than not the “culprit” is expected to seek a cure, be what it may, and some of the “cures” can be pretty drastic and uncomfortable to say the least. It is far less often that the “victim” seeks any way of getting away from these irritating and frustrating sounds, other than removing themselves to the other end of the house. Again, this doesn’t bode well for your relationship.

Who’s worse off – the snorer or his/her partner?

The person who snores is happily asleep, but wakes in the morning with a sore throat, and potentially a lot of bruises from being prodded by their partner. Alternatively, they are repeatedly woken up (in increasingly more forceful ways) and told to turn over, with a further demand that they stay on their side.

The partner on the other hand lies in bed, wide awake, acutely aware of every gurgle and gasp which their partner emits, constantly listening out for the sounds to get louder and more insistent. You lie there in a state of tense frustration as the snoring builds to a crescendo and then subsides for a few sparse moments, only to begin that build up once again…ear plugs are reached for, but the sound of snoring seems impervious to this attempted barrier and find their way into your inner ear, and travel around and around your mind until you feel that you will go completely mad. Another sleepless night filled with frustration, or another night in the spare bed!

Both parties feel that their hands are tied, that there is nothing much that they can do. You have looked into the physical causes and done what you can to eliminate these, but still the snoring continues. You are probably thinking now that there’s nothing that can be done to help, that you are stuck together in this particular rut. But it is amazing how your mind can be used to help; Help is at hand for both of you.

The “victim” can take control of their predicament and learn how to respond to snoring sounds in different ways, retraining your brain to find those sounds to be soothing and comforting. This may sound to you completely impossible and think that I must be completely mad. But I can assure you that this is entirely possible, with a little bit of help from hypnosis downloads. Hypnosis allows access to your inner mind and provides an environment whereby it is easy and quick to retrain your brain to alter automatic patterns of reactions. Thus you can learn to direct the perception of your partners snoring to sooth and relax you instead of triggering those old unwanted patters of irritation and frustration.

This really can work for you so long as you have an open enough mind to try it. And let’s face it, you really have nothing to lose; hypnosis downloads are inexpensive and the only effort expected of you is to lie back and listen to your download each night when you go to bed for a two-three week period – that should at the very least provide a welcome break from listening to your partner’s snoring, and will retrain your brain to expect to sleep no matter how loud the snoring gets!

You can work with hypnosis downloads from the snorer’s perspective as well. Hypnotic suggestions can be made to trigger a desire to turn over each time you hear the sound of your own snoring. This powerful suggestion, embedded deep within your psyche simply by listening to a hypnosis download, is a very simple way in which to avoid those bruises and a frosty atmosphere in the morning!

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis downloads for health and well-being.