How To Get The Right Bike Helmet For Your Child

Making sure your child wears a bike helmet is one of the most important things yout can do to ensure your child stays safe while riding a bicycle. Head injuries are the number one serious injury that plagues children who ride bicycles.

Head injuries can happen in an instant but can scar your child for life. The severity of head injuries is due to the fact that the skull is only 1 centimeter thick.

At a speed of 4.5 miles per hour your child can shatter their skull during a fall. The key to preventing a drastic head injury is getting a bike helmet with a proper fit.

Children’s bike helmets come in two standard types. There are single-impact helmets that are most commonly used for bicycle riding and only protect your child for one incident.

Multiple-impact helmets are designed for multiple falls and often used in skateboarding, but are also suitable for bike riding. No matter which type of helmet is chosen the bike helmet should have a label on it that states it meets safety regulations.

When buying a bike helmet your child should be present so the helmet can be sized properly. The helmet should not be too big for your child or it could easily fall off. It should fit snugly on your child’s head and should not move around.

The bike helmet should also not obstruct your child’s eyes and should be worn just above the eyebrows. The straps should also be snug and positioned correctly.

A properly chosen bike helmet will be easier for your child to put on correctly. It will also avoid your child not wanting to wear their helmet because of it bothering them.

Bike helmets should be bought new because the history of second hand helmets is not known. Bike helmets that have been in a serious crash or are single-impact helmets that have been in a fall should not be used again. Bike helmets should also be replaced after five years or when your child has outgrown them.

Every time your child rides their bike they should have on their helmet. It is also important that parents make sure the helmet is worn correctly each time as well.

Children who do not want to wear a bike helmet should be told about how easy and how harmful head injuries can be. Parents should not give in as an accident could happen in a split second.

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Choosing a good bike helmet for your child is important. A bike helmet that is worn properly should protect your child during a fall.

Bike helmets must be worn every time and worn properly to do their job. A bike helmet could mean the difference between your child getting up and brushing off or a trip to the emergency room.