How To Get Over Someone: 3 Great Ideas To Get Over A Breakup

How many days have you locked yourself up in your room? How many tissue boxes are strewn around the floor? Your eyes are probably swollen to the max crying over your ex. Even if you don’t know how to get over someone, you at least know that keeping yourself away from society isn’t the way.

So how do you get over someone you’ve lived with for a year or someone you were planning to start a family with?

1) Get out of the house.

The answers are easier said than done. Perhaps the first thing you have to know is that the world is still out there. Life is still moving forward and so should you.

Try to get out of the house. Spend time with your friends or visit a museum. Go somewhere with lots of activity. You will need to find a new source of happiness in your life.

2) Re-invent yourself.

Part of learning how to get over someone is re-inventing yourself. Be it in the form of a trip to the salon or a new wardrobe, a lot of people feel the need to start anew.

The physical is always the easiest to change. A new haircut sometimes has a dramatic effect on a person’s outlook on life. Losing weight is another.

As superficial as these changes might seem, they actually help the emotional healing process faster.

3) Learn something new.

Other people try to get over someone by burying themselves in work. But this may lead to stress and no fun. An alternative way you can distract yourself is by learning something new.

You can enroll in a dance class or try cooking or baking. Learning something new can help raise your self-esteem and bring a little of your happy self back.

Learning how to get over someone is challenging. Still, you have to tell yourself that you have to move on at some point. And there’s no better day to start than now.