How to get over rejection

Do you know why rejection affects us badly sometimes?
It’s because we believe the person who rejected us.
If someone told you that your blog is not good and you felt bad then this means that a part of you believed in his words.
Even if you think that you believe in yourself you might have a part inside you that has certain doubts about you.
If you got a rejection letter from a company that you applied for you will bad for many reasons but one of these reasons might believing that you are no good or at least having self doubts.
Rejection is unavoidable and because of that fact it makes a lot of sense to learn how to handle it than learn how to avoid it.
Here are 5 ways that will help you prevent rejection from affecting you:
1) Tell the person who rejected you that he is wrong: Of course you shouldn’t tell him that using words. When the tutor of warren buffet told him that the finance career doesn’t suit him he didn’t reply but years later he became the second richest man in the world because of the financial investments he made. Buffet told the man that he is wrong using actions and not words
2) Develop Faith in yourself: You will never be able to apply the previous advice before you develop enough faith in yourself The process of developing faith in your abilities can be summarized into I) getting rid of limiting beliefs 2) getting over helplessness 3) learning how to learn new skills when you need them 4) succeeding in doing anything even if it was a little task because that will help you have faith when it comes to doing bigger tasks
3) Learn to find new options: Sometimes people feel bad after rejections because they don’t have any other options. If you learned how to find other options by being creative, innovative and persistent then criticism and rejections won’t affect you like they used to affect you. If you are 100% dependent on thing in any of your life areas then you are at risk of collapsing if you lost that thing
4) Learn the truth about success: Stephen king is one of the most famous and successful writers out there but do you know that he threw his first novel in the garbage after it was rejected 30 times? His wife took it out of the garbage and cleaned it then motivated him to submit it again where it was accepted and the man became a famous writer. In short the road to success is always full of rejections; only those who continue to the end are the ones who manage to reach what they want.
5) Its all about your choice: When it comes to dealing with rejections there are two types of people in this world. 1) Those who acknowledge the rejections , believe in them and then take new decisions based on them and 2) those who say no to rejections, who tell those who rejected them that they are wrong and who prove those who rejected them wrong later on after succeeding in whatever they were told that they can’t succeed at