How To Get Motivated To Lose Weight

Mindset is possibly the most important factor when it comes to losing weight.

To lose weight you need to put in a lot of effort, and as a result you must be 100% motivated to achieving your goal.

Too many people make a half-hearted attempt at weight loss or start out well then give up within a few weeks (or even days).

The most common problem of all in those I see trying to lose weight is that they simply lack the discipline to achieve their goals no matter what the obstacles.

But look at it from another point of view – if you *do* put your mind to it and succeed how amazing will you feel?

Not just with your new slimmer body but also in knowing you managed to overcome some amazing obstacles – whatever they may be – and still come out on top.

You achieved your goal. You’re a winner, a success.

So the topic of this article is exactly how to get motivated to lose weight.

There are three keys to motivation in weight loss and dieting.

The first of these is visualization. You need to stop seeing yourself as fat, or overweight or ugly or whatever negative word you use to describe yourself right now. That keeps you thinking “fat”.

Instead imagine yourself slim. Not just “wouldn’t it be nice to be thin”. But instead “I’m going to be thin”. No arguments. No compromise. It’s going to happen no matter what.

Find pictures in magazines and on the Internet of how you’d like to look in the end. Get photos posted to your wall. Or start a scrapbook. Or use them as wallpaper on your computer or cell phone.

Rather than feeling jealous seeing other people who look how you want to look – instead appreciate how great they look and use them as motivation to achieve the same thing.

You’ll even find “before and after” photos on some web sites if you hunt hard enough and some of these can be absolutely mind blowing. Find someone with a physique like you’re going to have and focus on that. It’s a huge motivator.

The second factor is a support group.

Often you can start well but life is so busy that soon enough the diet falls by the wayside.

With a support group your confidence and motivation is constantly bolstered by others, problems can be aired and solutions found.

So see if there is a local dieters meeting – such as Weight Watchers, convince a few friends of yours to lose weight at the same time as you or lastly (but just as good as the other two) join forums and membership sites on the Internet to meet like-minded individuals.

The third and final way to get motivated to lose weight is to keep a journal of your progress.

We can sometimes get frustrated at how long a transformation can take. It may be several weeks or even months before you can see noticeable results.

So measure and weigh yourself each week – at the same time on the same day each week – and ideally take a photo however unpleasant you may think it is and record all of this in your journal.

It will quickly show how you’re developing and losing weight and will help spur you on toward your goal.

Now go get motivated – right now – don’t procrastinate! Go buy your journal *today*!

Copyright (c) 2006 Richard Adams