How to get it done when you have a million things to do

There’s a little activity that can reduce stress, improve your focus, and save time – in ALL areas of your life.

One common problem many people face is a rampant sense of confusion. They’ve got a million things on their minds and they’re trying to remember them all at once. Who can concentrate under that kind of pressure?

Scattered thoughts can not only make you feel overwhelmed and confused, they can cause you to forget important appointments and tasks on your to-do list!

Here is a great practice that can help you keep it all together much more easily: Plan and prepare ahead of time.

What most of us tend to do is jump into each task without full awareness of everything that needs to be done. So we end up veering back and forth as we remember things we need to do, wasting precious time because we’re not prepared.

Perhaps we think that the fastest way to complete a task is just to get started on it right away. But that is rarely true.

If you instead take just 15 minutes before beginning work on a task and jot down some notes about it, then identify the exact steps you need to take, you’ll have a clearer picture of what needs to be done. Meaning there is much more chance that it will get done.

Doing this every day can also be incredibly helpful for ongoing projects! Each day as you get ready to work on the project, review your notes from the day before and jot down any new developments that need to be considered. Then you’ll be able to stay focused and accomplish more.

You can also apply this 15-minute preparation activity to other areas of your life. For example, if your morning routine is a scattered rush to get everyone out of the house on time, try setting aside 15 minutes the night before to get prepared. Gather up keys, books, cell phones, homework assignments, and anything else you’ll need in the morning. Prepare lunches and get the coffee pot ready to go (or get a pot that has a timer so it will start itself in the morning).

Those 15 minutes can prove to be a very wise investment which repays itself over and over again.

Just a few minutes of preparation goes a LONG WAY toward reducing stress and can move you much faster towards the success that you want.