How To Get Into Modeling – Even If You Don’t Live In A Big City

When it comes to modeling, many people have the notion that they either have to live in California or in New York or Toronto. After all, that’s where most of the big modeling agencies are. Granted, if you lived in Los Angeles, California or New York City, you’d probably have an easier time getting into the modeling industry.

But what if you can’t just pack your things and move to California or New York? What then? Up until now, there was nothing the “new model” could do.

The following tips will get you on your way into the modeling industry quickly and easily:

1. Take Pictures, specifically Head Shots – keep them simple. Wear neat and clean clothing. Don’t worry about wearing the latest fashion or style. Ladies, keep your make up simple. In fact, it would be best if you had several pictures of you without any make up. The same goes for hairstyles. Clear your face of any hair so that your face is fully visible. Keep your hair neat, clean and simple. If you can’t afford a professional photographer, then use a basic camera. Make sure you have good lighting.

2. You will need a resume of yourself. In your resume, include your Modeling Experience, hobbies, interests, and vital stats such as height, and weight. This is called a portfolio that what agencies will review.

3. Research the addresses of modeling agents and agencies in your area. You can look this up in your local phone book, public library and online at Hollywood North. Our website address is There are literally thousands of agencies across Canada and the United States to contact.

4. After sending out your portfolio, do a follow up phone call or email every 2 weeks afterwards. Remember, these agencies may be getting hundreds of portfolios sent to them each week. What will get their attention? Make follow up phone calls – lots of them.

5. Utilize as many communications tools as possible. This includes calling them on the phone, emailing, sending letters through direct mail, and leverage the web including sites like Hollywood North. The best thing is to use a combination of all of the aforementioned.

6. Develop your modeling skills. Look for local modeling schools or classes in or near your area. If there are none, then research your public library for books or videos. If you still have no luck, then you can go online to places such as and other booksellers that will have modeling videos and books.
7. Stay clear of any Model Agency telling you that you have to pay money to sign on with them. In general, Agencies receive a commission when you work.

Just because you live in a small town or away from the big cities, does not mean that you don’t have the opportunity to get into modeling. All it takes is a little more creativity and a little more thought behind your strategies, but you can trust that many successful models have been in your shoes. Like you, these models have succeeded because they did not take “no” for an answer and had some luck.