How to Get Instant Prospect Response Results

There are 3 Keys I’ve found to creating an immediate, joyful, and results-oriented connection with your ideal clients; however, the one that’s most important is not only crucial, but also my favorite…a clear CALL-TO-ACTION!

Perhaps it’s the inner-organizer part of me, but I’ve always been a person that likes to see things “complete.” That’s why the call-to-action is one of the most important areas I give attention and energy to with both my private and Boot Camp clients. It amazes me how often this is missing for many entrepreneurs.

When it comes to telling prospects EXACTLY what they need to do to order your product, join your program, or take advantage of a special offer, this is the place where you need to spell-it-out. Instead, I see marketing materials that are vague and general about what a prospect needs to do or hear an entrepreneur’s voice drop or mumble at that important moment or worse, say nothing!

So, how do you start to amp up your call to action?

The very first thing you need to do is to make response easy. Make it as easy as possible for the prospect to do what you want her to do. If you want her to visit your website, tell her that and tell her the web address (seriously, you’d be shocked at how often the two aren’t linked together). Once she’s on your site, give her a clear map and directions to join your community. Tell her what gift she’ll get when she does.

You can (and should!) do this for any business and every occasion. It doesn’t matter if people visit your in-person store, or the web, or if you go to them. What’s marketing? Communication and connection—that’s it! However, this is a busy, complex world we live in and we each don’t have time to weed through lots of text, decipher what your saying, mail materials back to you (especially if a SASE is not provided!) or call a number with a complicated answering service.

K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Sweetie!)

If your prospect needs to call, tell her when to call (days and hours) and who to ask for. If she’s to fill out a form, make it as clear, fun, and user friendly as possible.

So this can be moved through, let’s understand the energy that’s activated that has entrepreneurs avoiding a clear call-to-action. This is some of what I’ve heard:

I don’t want to seem pushy. I want to let people know I’m flexible. What if they don’t want to buy from me? Why spend money on stamps if they might not mail it back? There might not be anyone here to answer the phone. It’s the wrong time of year for this.

What’s the energy you feel reading these “reasons?”

It strikes me as a fear about standing 110% powerfully behind your offer. It’s the energy of hiding.

So there’s one last important piece I want you to keep in mind as you begin to create your call-to-action: It doesn’t matter what your offer is, most people will be motivated to respond to it if you are successful in motivating them to respond. I call this the energetics of selling. And, contrary to traditional sales belief, people do respond to positive energies: love, hope, inspiration, joy, gratitude, to name a few.

But it’s up to YOU to motivate and call your prospects into action.

If you don’t, then you’ve left the conversation before it could complete. That’s not a strong energy to have activated in your business, is it?

Call to Action:

Take a look around at your business. Do you have the number of clients or customers you want? No? Then get clear about how you can amp up your call-to-action:

What exactly do you want people to do when they read your business card, website, or postcard? Is it CRYSTAL clear?

Do you have a program or product that’s being released? When would you like your early registration to take place? What do prospects get by being an early registrant? Is it CRYSTAL clear?

What would motivate someone to buy your product? Join your program? What will they be receiving as a result? Is it CRYSTAL clear?