How to get a Queen Ant

There are several aspects of an ant farm that you must have in order to create a high-successful ant colony. But what exactly are these types of elements? The first thing you need to have in order to run a successful ant farm, is making sure that you have a large enough ant farm for the type of colony you want to have. If you know you’re wanting to own a large ant farm, you make sure you purchase a larger ant farm, or one that can expand, such as the AntWorks Tunnel Vision. Another factor you must consider before you purchase your ant farm, is what type of ant farm do you want. There are several main types of ant farms, ranging from sand, soil and even a unique gel-substance.

All of these different types of materials will give your ant farm a different look and feel, thus discovering the type that fits your home best is very important. And lastly, you must decide if you want to have a true and colony, complete with a queen ant. Of course, there is one question that many people have concerning queen ants, and that is where can you buy a queen ant?

Queen ants are the most interesting out of the entire ant colony. Mainly because they are regarded with such respect by the worker ants, giving you a very unique perspective on ants and how they perform their daily functions. Once you have seen a queen ant in all of her glory, it is easy to understand why so many people desire one for their ant farm. But where do you purchase queen ants, or where can you harvest one? There are certain rules and regulations when buying queen ants. In most states, you cannot purchase a queen ant from any other region, thus you must buy your queen within the state you are in. This is due to the fact that there are several different types of species of ants, and most of these are specific to various states. If you were to mix several of these ants, it may end in an undesirable manner.

The best places to search for a queen ant is by going to your local pet store. Many pet stores will have sections where you can purchase a queen ant and then transfer her back to your ant farm. However, not all pet stores sell queen ants. Search throughout your town and look for an independent bug shop. Some cities will have small stores that sell out-of-the-ordinary bugs, and if you have one of these in your town, this will be your best bet on purchasing a queen ant. Of course, there is still one place that you will most likely always find a queen at – your backyard. Search throughout your yard, and once you come across an ant hill, take a shovel and start digging through the ants.

You will most likely find the queen ant surrounded by her worker ants, after you have found her, take the shovel and put her in a bucket with soil. Then transfer this ant to your ant farm, along with all of her worker ants. This is an extremely easy, and free, way of getting a natural queen ant.