How to Get a Dump Truck Driving Job

Everyone in this world is born unique and all of them lead lives that are unique from each other. Consequently, your reason for being interested in dump truck driving jobs may probably be different from the reasons of other people. At any rate, the reasons are immaterial; what we’re here to do is to give you a crash course for your target occupation. Come the day of your job test or interview, you can safely assume that a B+ is the lowest grade you’ll get.

Essential Tasks Related to Dump Truck Driving Jobs
To suitably prepare for your test or interview, you must be aware of the standard responsibilities handled by a dump truck driver. Knowing them will give your future employer the impression that you’ve researched about your future profession and that you’re truly interested in getting the job.

Pre-Trip Inspection – Never leave your headquarters without subjecting your dump truck to a pre-trip inspection. This includes ensuring that your vehicle is in good working order, you have all the necessary tools for the job, and you already know how to get to the sites or locations assigned to you.

Driving – Dump truck drivers especially have to be very good drivers. Besides driving a relatively larger vehicle than usual, dump truck drivers must also ensure that none of their load carelessly falls off the road because of sudden movements made by their trucks. As dump truck drivers are also required to make frequent stops, they must be proficient in parallel parking, turning around corners, driving in reverse and so forth. Dump truck drivers must always remember that they’re handling a dump truck, and not just any truck or a car, for that matter.

Loading and Unloading of Rubbish – At times, dump truck drivers might also be required in assisting his crew with loading and unloading of rubbish. You must be prepared for such instances. If you’re the type to puke at the merest scent of garbage, or you feel very disgusted at the mere idea of picking up other people’s trash, dump truck driving is definitely not the profession for you!

Handling of Other Equipment – Dump truck drivers may occasionally be required to assist the crew in hooking and unhooking trailers. At times, they may also be required to help in securing equipment on their trucks. It’s therefore better if you take the time to familiarize yourself with other equipment, machineries, and vehicles prior to your interview. The knowledge you’ll gain is sure to be of help to you in your job someday.

Hiring Requirements for Dump Truck Driving Jobs
Having a CDL or a commercial driving license is an absolute requirement as driving will be your profession. For prerequisites regarding CDL, you may inquire at the nearest government transportation office.

Dump truck driving applicants are also required to undergo medical examination to ensure that they’re physically fit to handle the job. Since it’s unavoidable for dump truck drivers to infrequently get in contact with unhygienic sites, dump truck drivers must have especially strong constitution.

A written test is also required by most dump truck driving companies. Mostly, these tests are designed to measure the knowledge applicants have of driving and gauge their ability to think, analyze, and decide in certain situations.

Lastly, it’s possible as well for companies to require dump truck driving applicants to submit a reference for good moral character.

We hope you learned something of value. To have a stronger chance getting hired, we strongly encourage you to consider enrolling in a dump truck training program as well.