How To Generate New Web Design Clients

The first thing you will want to think about when promoting your web design business is you will want to make your business stand out and be unique. As you some similar questions like the ones below and above all else are honest with yourself.

  • What does this company offer that no one else does?
  • Why would someone want to pick my company over any other web design companies?
  • What makes this web design service unique?

Making a portfolio

Having a stunning portfolio to showcase just what your business can do is a great way to show off your abilities and what your business can do that no others can. You should make sure you always have a listing of the sites you have worked on and what has made them unique or special. Screen shots are a must as long as your contracts with your other clients have allowed for them. It’s important to make sure you have at least around 5 to 6 sites in your portfolio that can showcase all your strengths in your field.

Low cost or free in the beginning

To help get started and build up your portfolio, be willing to help create and design web sites for low cost or even free.

Business information everywhere

To get your name recognized and out there more, it’s important to put your business name and contact information on every site you build. It can be even more helpful if you are able to promote your business with a little logo on the site. If there is a web design listing in your local phone book or areas near you, you should most definitely place your business information in there.

Free “extras”

Everyone loves something for free. So why not get your name out there more by offering a few things that do not take you a long time to do for free, such as

  • Free web templates
  • Free hosting when getting a design package
  • Free estimate
  • Free maintenance on the domain
  • Free evaluation to the site

SEO for your website

SEO is an important tool for your business to help get your site up in the rankings. Remember to utilize this valuable tool when creating your own website so that you can further promote your business to others and generate new customers and clients.

Spelling and Grammar

This is a given, but it’s worthwhile to mention again. Spelling and grammar are very important when you are promoting your business. Misspellings and grammar issues will showcase that you do not have a quality business and you are only in it to make a quick buck. Always double check your grammar and spelling, especially repeatedly in materials that are going out with your contact information on it.

The bottom line is, with a little hard work, you can get the job done and make a name for your web design business. In no time at all you will have clients coming from all over wanting to utilize your services for their business sites.