How to Fulfill Employees’ Inner Needs – Nu Leadership Series

Men cease to interest us when we find their limitations. The sin is limitations. As soon as you once come up to a man’s limitations, it is all over with him.

Have you been paying attention to the latest workplace issue? Clearly, one would not argue that it’s workplace spirituality. This reality does not mean that people want to conduct church at work or to carry their favorite religious guide. However, workers want to more meaningful lives.

Many individuals don’t want to separate their personal and work lives as it pertains to this purpose. Will organizations listen? Over the last several months, I have been fascinated with the possibility on applying the concept of spiritual formation in America’s workplace.

I am not advocating infusing religion into a secular environment. The term spirituality relates to the spiritual need of humanity. It’s about allowing employees to develop their spiritual aspects in a holistic manner.

For the most part, employees are asked to keep their personal lives separate from their work environment. This is maddening to many. The spiritual void in the workplace provides unnecessary stress at work and home. What does spirituality mean for secular organizations?

Spiritual formation encompasses growing an individual’s character, emotional capacity, and personal achievement; however, it also relates to allowing an individual to discover him or herself. Therefore, the notion of spiritual formation addresses the issue of personal development in a holistic approach by nurturing body, mind, and spirit.

As organizations continue to struggle with global competition and human capital issues, executives will look for more management solutions. Applying spiritual formation as an organizational tool may be an alternative in supporting corporate values.


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