How To Focus In Golf When Your Friends Are All Over The Place

Most good golfers prefer to play with other good golfers. We all know that to play with someone better than you can help you to raise your own game.

When another golfer is having a bad day you might pick up on their mood and their loss of focus and this inevitably affects your own game in a detrimental manner. Many golfers find that a shank is a contagious disease. A slice may also extend this same irritating effect.

But everyone has to start somewhere and you too were a novice golfer once upon a time. I think it is also good to remind yourself of another important fact; if you are an amateur golfer then the purpose of the game is not purely to play well and produce a low score.

You are there for the walk, the fresh air, and scenery and of course the company. In my book, so long as the golfers I’m playing with have a good attitude (i.e. they don’t get upset, uptight or angry) and they are nice friendly people, then I’m going to have a good time no matter how they (or I myself) proceed to play.

It is perhaps this sense of priority that allows me to play my own game whilst the other golfers play theirs. I’m not zeroed in upon my score. In fact, I try not to think about my score at all. I don’t count until after the 18th is over.

I’m focused upon the whole process of playing this game, and this includes the down time between shots. I only focus upon my game when I am in the pre to post shot routine part of the game. Between shots I like to be in the moment and enjoy the company, the scenery and so on.

Chewing over your last or next shot like a bone doesn’t help any golfer. You don’t need to focus upon your game between shots. So why not enjoy the other aspects of this game during this down time?

And so long as you do focus properly upon your own shot at the relevant time you will immunize yourself against the other golfers state of play. Your own robust pre-shot routine is your shield against poor shot contagion.

If you don’t play well this is your fault for not focusing clearly, or not committing to the shot in hand, or making a poor shot selection, or executing it badly. Don’t blame your playing partners. If one of your friends was talking during your backswing and you didn’t stop and ask them to stop chattering, then that’s your fault, not theirs. If you were thinking about their last shank or slice just as you swung the club, then again that’s your fault.

It’s not their fault that you didn’t take the time to clear other thoughts and focus upon your own shot. Your immunity to poor shot contagion lies in having a really robust pre and post shot routine.

Playing with other golfers who are all over the place allows you an easy way in which to practice your own ability to focus. This is how you can turn a potentially bad situation into one of learning and development. Plus you will also find the game a whole lot more enjoyable.

Roseanna Leaton, golf addict and specialist in golf hypnosis mp3s and author of the GolferWithin golf mind training system.

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