How To Fit More in Your Tool Bag

The best way to organise work tools is to keep them in one convenient toolbox. There are situations where it may be necessary to carry your tools to your workplace. In those cases, a toolbox won’t suffice; instead, a tool bag that is easy to carry comes in handy. With a tool bag, you’ll be able to organise and secure the tools required to finish your project.

Tool bags come in several types, sizes, and materials, some come with wheels and others with adjustable shoulder straps. Tool bags need to be durable since they must hold heavy loads.

Benefits of having a tool bag

Organised: Keeping all your tools in one place helps you stay organised. Most tool bags have multiple pockets, compartments, and dividers that can assist you in storing your tools in an organised manner.

Portability: With a bag that you can carry easily, you can be more mobile. A bag lets you move between projects easily, unlike a toolbox which can be heavy and unwieldy.

Carry more: And the most important benefit – a tool bag can increase the number of tools you can carry, so that you can pack more gear on your work trip.

Lighter and flexible: When compared to a tool box a tool bag takes less space. Similarly, being lightweight, tool bags are more flexible.

How to choose a tool bag to fit more tools

Many find carrying a backpack-style tool bag is more convenient when there is a limited amount of space or the hands are needed simultaneously. There are backpack tool bags that come with expandable compartments to fit more tools. It can also be considered the more ergonomic option, allowing the weight to be distributed across both shoulders instead of one shoulder when the bag is carried by hand.

A handheld tool bag may be the best choice for you if you have a smaller tool collection or you drive between jobs, which allows you to eliminate a heavy tool bag as you travel. Handheld tool bags come with compartments and small zip pockets and pouches to hold smaller tools, loose bolts and other components.

To fit more tools, a tool bag with first-order retrievability is the best option. Instead of having to remove a tool to retrieve another, in this case all the tools are visible and are retrievable at all times. This gives you a faster and more efficient way of working. All the tools are visible from the top and easy to access.

To fit more tools in a tool bag you could buy a holdall tool bag. A holdall is ideal for larger tools that cannot be fit into a conventional tool bag. Holdalls are tougher than normal bags because they are made of nylon fibre reinforced with PVC and have a webbing handle for extra strength.

If you need a tool bag to keep your tools secure and in order, RS Components has a wide variety of tool bags ranging from tote bags to backpacks to holdalls to hard bottom bags to wheeled bags to many more that are available in different sizes, materials, and brands. If you need more information about our tool bags or need to buy one to fit your job requirement, visit our website.