How to Find Your Aces in the Hole

At a loss for where to begin when making changes in your life? Look to your “aces in the hole.”

Each ace in a traditional deck of cards is symbolic of different characteristics. The ace of diamonds relates to primary means of being in the world; ace of hearts, feeling; ace of spades, thinking; and ace of clubs, acting.

Simply meditate on incidents or events in your life that relate to those characteristics, and you can find the ways of being, acting, feeling, and thinking that make you happiest. With these foundations, you can begin building a life of joy, peace, and abundance.

For example, finding your Ace of Diamonds in the hole can be very beneficial if you are starting a new job, a new phase in life, or any other new way of “being” in the world.

Diamonds are related to the suit of Pentacles, or coins with stars on them, in traditional Tarot. The diamond suit is symbolic of earth, physicality, and material belongings. If you meditate with your hands on your solar plexus chakra in the middle of your body, “the center of your being,” you can choose to reflect upon incidents or events in your life when you felt most comfortable in your own skin. Write down the specific characteristics of those incidents or events that made you feel most comfortable. That is how you can determine your Ace of Diamonds in the hole.

Perhaps you have felt most comfortable when you have been surrounded by shelves full of books in a library. You feel at peace and content surrounded by the quiet you can find there. That gives you a wonderful idea of a starting point for being at your best. Look for situations where you can learn a lot or take in information in solitude or silence.

Other people may feel most comfortable being at the seashore, feeling sand between their toes, or perhaps surrounded by lots of friends at a noisy party. Whatever the surroundings, recalling them will give you valuable clues to foundational points that you can return to again and again and build upon.

The Ace of Hearts relates to a primary feeling of love and being loved. Examples could be a time when one of your parents made you feel special, or perhaps you felt the love of a supreme being at a young age. Different people will recall different experiences and conditions. Find the situation or incident that made you feel really loved, and you will get a hint as to what makes you feel happiest.

The Ace of Spades relates to a primary way of thinking. How do you think best? Is it when you are forced to make a quick decision? Or is it when you are given time to mull things over and sleep on it? Recall a time when your thinking saved the day or really helped somebody else or yourself. What were the circumstances surrounding your ability to think well?

The Ace of Clubs relates to a primary way of acting in the world, of waving your magic wand. It is helpful in this case to recall an incident or event when you felt powerful. Examples could be that you feel powerful when you are able to help someone else in their time of need. Or perhaps you feel powerful when you are performing a creative act using a specific tool, be it a computer, paintbrush, or knitting needle. Everybody has their own personal Ace of Clubs in the hole that they can rely on.

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