How to Find Those Hidden Markets

Marketers are always looking for low-cost ways to boost sales volume and profits…it’s in their blood…part of who they are. Yeah, they can’t resist the urge to find, explore or invent another method to increase the value of their business…and most of them know that there are hiddenmarkets all around – just waiting to be discovered.

How do you find those hidden markets?
How many hidden markets are perched right under your nose? …markets you’ve been overlooking? Hey, take a look at the customers you have right now. Are there any groups that stick out in your mind? Now let me ask you this…Do your advertisements and sales cater to any of these groups?

My grandmother used to always say, “If you see one mouse, you’ve got twenty.” Yeah, if you notice one group of customers with certain needs, there are probably a bunch of customers out there with the same needs…you just can’t see them. Be sure to focus on the specialized needs of each group, and watch customers appear that you had no idea were even there!

Marketers on the Web have a great opportunity to specialize for different groups of customers. Hey, make a few minor changes to your original Web page and post a separate page for each targeted group, and you’ve individualized your business without a lot of effort. Add a link to your home page, and you’ve effectively created appeal for a wider audience without losing the effectiveness of your main market.

How do You Adapt to Hidden Markets?
Get to know them! First you’ve got to understand the language of each segment of your clientelle. Yeah, they may all be speaking English, but they have their own vocabulary and style that only an insider is privy to. Get inside the circle…it’s the only way to really gain insight to their special needs.

Yep, insiders get the real scoop on things that outsiders never even know exist. When your customers see you as “one of us” you’ll be way ahead of the competition. Your customers will have a loyalty toward you that your competitor will not be able to break through…even with lower prices…because you are the one who understands their needs!