How To Find The Best Golf Fix

The majority of golfers are all constantly searching, either consciously or subconsciously, for the latest tip or piece of equipment that will finally get them playing a consistently good game. All golfers would love to consistently put a good swing on the ball and to get their handicap down and if there is a short cut to get there we want to know about it.

I know this to be true. I am a golfer. I am probably the least “mechanically minded” or technique oriented golfer you will ever meet, but even I find myself occasionally sucked in by the lure of something or other that promises to unravel the secret mystery that golf presents to the human being.

The rule that I try to abide by is that I never touch or try anything that could “mess” with my mind. I will not allow gimmicks, tips or lessons to displace clear focus and confidence in my game. I have seen far too many people get so entangled in their mechanics and gimmicks that they completely forget to focus upon hitting the ball and getting it into the cup in as few strokes as possible.

At the end of the day the very best golf gimmick or golf tip is the one that you think will work. Your own positive attitude and expectation will make sure that it works. I played with a couple the other day who swore by their new putting technique. I had commented upon it as it looked slightly unusual. It entailed standing upon one foot as you putt. (Ok, I have to say it looked both strange and comical!)

To my very straightforward and pretty logical mind I couldn’t quite see how this in itself would help one’s ability to hole a putt, unless of course you simply thought that it would do so. In fact, I found myself thinking that balancing upon one foot whilst putting was more likely to distract your focus as well as making your stance precariously unstable!

The fact is however that both these golfers did indeed putt very well on this occasion, despite the fact that the greens were faster than they had been all year. They were super quick. They were hard and fast because of short daylight and moisture, resulting in being stimped at 12-13. To put this reading into perspective, Augusta during the Masters was stimped at 14 and they had to slow it down last time due to complaints!

The only conclusion I could come to upon their new putting technique was that it worked because they wanted and expected it to do so. And this reasoning holds true for many a golf tip, training aid and fix!

Roseanna Leaton, avid golfer and specialist in golf hypnosis mp3s and author of the GolferWithin golf mind training system.

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