How to Find a Good Hair Stylist

There are some people who will let just about anyone cut their hair. Thinking that no matter what happens, hair will grow back, these folks just let happen whatever will. Others, however, insist on finding the best person for the job every time.

Picking a new stylist can be tricky for those who are very particular about the looks of their tresses. It’s a leap of faith to sit in someone’s chair without knowing the level of their skills or even understanding what kind of communications skills they have.

If you’d like to ensure the best possible stylist for your hair, consider the following before letting the scissors snip:

* If you’re new to an area or are just looking for a new stylist, ask around. Friends, co-workers and even acquaintances can give you a great idea on who works in the area and the level of their skills.
* Ask people whose hair you admire. Even if you’re in a grocery store and see a person with a great look, just ask them where they get their hair done and by whom. The tip could be a real winner.
* Watch salons to see the kind of dos that walk out the door. If most people walk out looking like a million bucks, the salon might be perfect for your needs.

Once you’ve narrowed down a few choices, treat the process like hiring any other professional. Interview potential stylists to find the best for you. In general, you’re going to want a stylist who:

* Comes highly recommended. Those with clients who rave about them have proven they can make their customers happy.
* You feel comfortable with. If you’re not comfortable or don’t feel like you can get your points across, a stylist isn’t right for you. Creating the best looks involves a back and forth in communication. The stylist can’t just dictate to you and you shouldn’t to them either.
* A stylist you think is comfortable enough to give opinions. You want to know if the stylist thinks your idea for a bob haircut is a good one for your face or not. If you don’t think the person will be honest, steer clear.

Finding the right stylist is like hiring any other highly skilled professional. It can take time to find the right fit, but you should be happy you did the legwork when a good one is found. A little bit of work on the front end can save you a bad cut, which is more than worth the effort to avoid!