How To Fight Off Your Impulse To Buy

You go out for a window shopping or just want to buy some daily items, you come across an item that attract your intention to buy, the product look too good to you at that moment and without considering it, you take the item to pay at cashier. But, you find out later that the item you just bought is not a “must-buy” item; you bought it just because the impulse to buy at the moment you saw the item. Have you experience this before?

This is call impulse to buy tendency. Impulse to buy is something that may cause you to spend out of your budget and if you charge the overspend amount to your credit cards, it will become your debt if you can’t pay when the bill comes. In order to control your budget especially if you are in progress of getting out of debt, you need to eliminate the buying impulses and spending within your budget. Here are some tips on how to fight impulse to buy.

Buy It Later

When you see an offer for something you think you want, don’t immediate buy it. Instead, write down the information and phone number or the website address if the item is from an online store. Then, set it aside for three or four days. After this cooling-off-period, read the note and see if you still can’t resist the offer. Base on some survey that there’s better than 90% chance you won’t feel the buying urge anymore.

Make Shopping List

Make a shopping list, and stick to it. Bring it with you to the store and cross off items as you add them to the cart. Consignment stores are good place to buy clothes and for lamps, furniture and other big-ticket items, try to buy when they are on sales, especially during mega sales. Mega sales can cause someone to spend out of budget; hence remember to stick you want you need to buy only (listed at your shopping list).

Set A Spending Budget Before Go Out For Shopping

When you entering a supermarket, normally you will see many items are on sales that may trigger your impulse to buy. Hence, you must be firm on how much you want to spend. When shopping for groceries, set a firm spending limit before entering the supermarket. Take along a pocket calculator, and keep a running. If you are kind of person that is too hard to control your spending habit, leave your credit card and extra cash at home. Remember, if you don’t have it, you can’t spend it.

Aware Of Buying Environment

Many stores are count on impulsive spenders, and actually arrange their products accordingly to common consumer buying behavior and the best layout that can easily trigger the impulse to buy of the consumers. For example, Enticing displays for new products, pairing two products such as chips and soda on the same aisle, and various other tactics lure spenders to buy more than they came for. Hence, if you aware of how the store will arrange their best buying environment for consumers, it can help you to say no to excessive items in such situation.

In Summary

Many people are running out of budget each month due to uncontrolled impulse to buy. If you overcome any out-of-budget amount with your credit cards, you will potentially face a debt problem if you can’t pay it later. Hence, in order to manage your money effective, you need to fight against the impulse to buy tendencies and stick your spending to your budget plan.