How to Feel Younger and Look Younger

Many of us look in the mirror and expect to see ourselves looking as we looked twenty some years ago. We still feel young and expect to look the same way to. Most people will agree that as you age you almost always find it hard to believe that you really are the age that you are!

Looking young has almost become a worldwide obsession. Billions of dollars are spent upon research into ways that can help you to look younger, let alone the cash spent on products themselves. Methods range from dietary to cosmetic, including invasive surgery and superficial creams or potions. Also important, although frequently overlooked, is the impact of your own mind and your emotional world.

Your genetic heritage inevitably impacts upon how well you age or how young you look. Your lifestyle habits in terms of diet, alcohol intake, whether or not your smoke, what exercise you partake in, how much sun you expose yourself to, how you balance work and recreation time all have an impact upon how you look.

But something that seems to be a lot less tangible, although it does have a tangible effect upon your looks, is how happy, relaxed and positive you are in your outlook. How much fun you have and how young you feel will be reflected in how you look. Your outer physical body mirrors your inner thoughts and emotional experiences. When you feel younger you will also look younger.

Spending time with children keeps you feeling younger. Youthful exuberance is contagious! It doesnÂ’t matter what age the children are; babies or teenagers alike have a very youthful effect upon those whom they come into contact with.

Think about this for a moment. What do you do when you spend time with a baby? You smile, stick out your tongue, make faces, and play any number of little games, all with the intent of making baby smile or laugh or repeat words. You act like a child yourself as you play with baby.

As baby becomes toddler and then teenager you find yourself adapting and developing those games and play time. You think of it as the baby’s play time, but in actual fact it is your play time as well. The child in you resurfaces.

You get back in touch with your inner child as you spend time with children. You are reminded of your own youth. You become more positive, more open, more relaxed and able to have fun. You see the world with child like eyes as you seek to connect and identify with children.

If you do not have children, or don’t spend time with children, you can still choose to mentally place yourself in a position of child like wonder. You can intentionally adopt a child like attitude, and imagine that you are seeing things for the first time. This is a really fun thing to do and it’s amazing how much more you see as your focus changes and your mind becomes more open.

Feeling young is achieved through your focus and attitude. The knock on benefit is that you look younger too.

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