How to feel confident about your looks

With mass media reinforcing the importance of looks by presenting handsome actors and magazines displaying the pictures of super slim models you might be asking yourself, how to feel more confident about your looks?

One of the major causes for lack of self confidence is the poor body image problem in which the person feels dissatisfied with his body shape or overall looks. Wise people will tell you not to judge a book by its cover but our societies has been raised to give high importance to looks and thus being wise in the middle of non wise men won’t do any good.

Getting over the poor body image problem in order to feel more confident

The following concepts will help you feel much better about your body image and overall looks:

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder: Yes looks are important but everyone has his own rating system for rating looks. While a person might find you having average looks another one would find you very attractive.

People judge looks based on their past: If you met someone who looks like your arrogant boss you might not feel comfortable around him even if didn’t notice this fact consciously (your subconscious mind notices it without making you aware). Girls fall in love with people who look like their fathers and men fall in love with women who look like their mothers. So after all everyone has his own criteria for beauty. Knowing this fact should make you feel more confident about your looks
Research showed that most people believe that they are less attractive than they truly are:
Research has shown that lots of people believe that they are less attractive than they truly are but at least one point out of 10. This means that you look more attractive than you truly believe.

Other factors can make you appear attractive: Attractiveness is important but who told you that looks alone determine attractiveness? Recent researches showed that smiling, walking tall, acting confidently and appearing to be popular and demanded makes a person appear much more attractive. Why are you so focused on one aspect of attractiveness and ignoring the others? If you want to feel more attractive about your looks then you should understand how looks fit in the overall attractiveness puzzle

You don’t know how you look like: Many of the people who don’t feel attractive about their looks believe that they look differently then they truly are. A research has found people to be more confident when they got more mirror exposure. Because those people had false images representing their looks in their minds when they looked more in the mirror they started to discover their real looks and so felt more confident.