How to Face your Halloween Dating Fears!

Dating can be really scary! You just don’t know which characters you will run into. When going to singles events or dating online, it’s as if you are going to a costume party! However, if you face your demons, you will find out that they aren’t as scary as they once appeared. So who or what is holding you back from going out there to date this month of ghoulish Halloween?

Here is some dating advice for women and men that will cover the casts of gremlins that you may run into the next singles party or event!

1. The Rejecting Black Cat- This gremlin rejects your advances. She makes your self-esteem plummet! She won’t even cross your path. Just know it’s her issue and if she was a friendly cat, she would be open to hanging out with you!

2. Mirror- Mirror – This gremlin requires that you take a good look at yourself in the mirror to access what you may be doing to turn off suitors or an attitude that is not friendly and inviting that makes you seem aloof. Once you see what’s really going on, you can fix yourself up and have more success with dating!

3. Father Time Clock — This one gets scarier and scarier as time goes on. Do you feel time running out for you? Are you saying to yourself that you are too old to date? Hogwash! People get into serious relationships and may even marry at the age of 80 as they do in their 30’s. It’s good to know Father Time Clock is there, but don’t give him much power over you!

4. The Bad Date Devil – Yes, when you go out and date, you may have to put up with some bad dates! Don’t let this create relationship issues for you, but rather know that it is part of the process. This devil is not such a bad guy. He/she is just not right for you. Know that you can move onto the next date who will hopefully be an angel!

5. The Bad Wolf Guy in Sheep’s costume – He looks like a nice guy, but his wolf ears are sticking out! You don’t see them at first. He is charming, strings you along and then, when you fall for him, his true wolf-self comes out, creating relationship issues for you. Hopefully, it’s not too late! Learn to better detect the personality of the wolf to see through his sheep costume.

How do you make friends with these gremlins? My dating advice for women and men, is to learn from these gremlins and the wisdom you may gain for the future. By knowing they exist, you will be less likely to fear them. Also, know that you can handle meeting them and even going on a date or holding conversation with them. They provide you with information that is valuable to you – a real “treat” shall we say, and not such a “trick” after all! There are plenty of characters in the room. Just move onto someone who is more in line with what you are looking for – like those angels, good witches and kind warlocks!

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